The hand that gives is more blessed than the hand that receives, give without expecting anything in return, sharing is caring.

Genaro help each other campaign which was established by Motsenela Masipa A.K.A DJ Genaro and Tiisetso Ramano A.K.A DJ KleinTii to help those in need is doing wonders, they managed to help a lady by the name of Mosibudi Mawete from Bognafarm (Mohlabeng wa ga malokela) with a brand new wheelchair which was donated to GHEOC by Caltex Bochum.

She was using a baby pram as a wheelchair, you can imagine how hard it was for her to move around, she was also helped with food parcels to keep them going since there is no one working in the family. GHEOC has been trying from 2020 to help her with a wheelchair and finally she got it, all thanks to Caltex Bochum Samaritans who lent a helping hand.

This campaign has already helped a lot of people with food parcels, sanitary towels, clothing and other things and they are willing to continue and help those in need. The organisation has been in motion for just a year and already a lot of people has benefited.

“As GHEOC we are calling out to all people, lets work together in helping our people, together we can achieve more, life is all about helping one another.”

Those who are willing to take part in GHEOC can assist with whatever they can, be it clothes that are still in good condition, newborn clothes and adult clothes, sanitary towels, food parcels, money, anything. You can do so by contacting Motsenela Masipa on 0822340587 or Tiisetso Ramano on 0730466089.

More contact details
Facebook: Genaro help each other champaign(GHEOC)

By Katlego Makhwiting

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