Meet Goitsione Seletisha, the youngest inaugural poet from Makapanstad, Northwest in South Africa.

Goitsione Seletisha

Goitsione Seletisha is an 18-year-old from Makapanstad in Northwest. He is currently doing matric at Ratshepo high school. He describes himself as a cool, calm and chilled person who hates lies and prefer honesty.

Growing up was not easy for him since he is from a poor background but with the little they had he managed to survive.

He started writing poems at the age of 16. He has a timetable that helps him manage everything so he can balance poetry and his everyday life, so he usually write his poems at night.

What makes his poems so unique is the fact that he writes based on his feelings and his poems define his moods and mostly courageous. In five years’ time he wants to see himself being an independent achieving his goal of publishing an anthology which will bring him some income.

“writing is a talent that can never be taken away from me. My dream for South Africa is to see its citizens being able to do things on their own and having less corruption.” Concluded Goitsi .

What has happened to South Africa:

By Goitsione Seletisha

Is it still the rainbow Nation

Tears shed on the streets

streets teared apart

Is it still the rainbow Nation

Feels like the wrong rotation.

Looting and shooting won’t bring peace

The mist of fire filled on the clouds

What has happened to our country

We are slowly proving them right

We are acting like animals

Vandalizing everything we see.

Let’s all get united and be one Nation

Let’s stop the foolishness

Let’s bring peace and quiet

This is just a change of state

We’re slowly turning to Zimbabwe

That is what we can’t afford to see

God Bless Africa

O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho

Oor ons ewige gebergtes

Nkosi sikelela, maluphakanyiswa uphondo lwayo

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