Bullying has turned into a pandemic. Say no to bullying and say no to violence.

Meet Tinny Tumetsi Mapaila, a grade 11 learner at Tshweni Secondary School from Mohlakong in Limpopo province, a recent victim of bullying.

So, there are two of her peers staying around her place, who have been bullying her for quite some town now, on the 4th of July she posted a picture of her friend on Facebook sending him birthday wishes, then the two bullies shared the post and captioned it with a whole lot of hurtful words that she even deleted that post.

on the 24th of July she posted something on Facebook and did not mention any names, the bullies gave nasty comment, but she let it go.

Then on the 27th of July her mom sent her to Mokwasele village to run some errands for her and sadly along the way she met with one of the perpetrators who beat her up and she could not even fight back, after the scene she continued with her journey, on her way back she found the one who beat her up together with her friends and sisters.

Seeing a group of people made her so terrified but she had no where to run to, they started an argument with her then started beating her up. “they beat me so bad that I fell on the ground and injured my hand.” She said.

Few minutes after she got home, boom, her video is trending on all social media platforms, since then she never went back to school and they continued posting the video each day.

her hand is still swollen and not functioning at all.
You can imagine what that can do to a person, the embarrassment, the humiliation, so sad indeed.
“I can’t go to school anymore after what they did to me, I can’t face the world, please help me, I need support and justice.” Said Tinny.

Contact Tinny on +27 76 016 3257

Facebook: Tinny M Mapaila

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By Katlego Makhwiting

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