Today it is literally 41°c at Bungeni Limpopo province, South Africa. We voted yesterday, today ANC say nothing about this heat.

Just kidding folks, here is the big deal of the day.

Think and act differently

Earton Du Randt is one of my co-worker, we discuss alot of ideas together when we are not as busy at work. He started a business of taking away people’s trash once every Thursday ( that is four days per month). He now got about 22 clients. Per house, they pay him about R150 to clean. From just this, he earn R3300 a month by just taking the trash.

Why speak about Earton?

The idea he got is unique. He is not worried about a university degree in order to earn a living, he created an idea that many are ashamed of. To him, this is an opportunity and it is soberly working for him.

His idea needed no capital. Most of us have some sort of ideas but we think we need money to start. It is not always capital demanding to start earning. Create a valuable idea and people will buy your value. That is what works best in our lifetime.

His idea is inheritable . Yes when his children grow and see him doing trash, they probably will take it from him.

Here is the thing; if one day his soul part with him, his children will not be forced to type and send CV’s. They will grow his business of taking trash and earn.

So what?

You and I don’t have to be an Earton, no! I use my Bud just as an illustration. We all vary in our gifts. If we all think of doing something of great value, people will buy our value and we will drift away from poverty.

Think Africa, You can, We can!


Written by Sydwell Mthombeni

Published by Phillimon sefake of Senwabarwana online newspaper

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