2021 is gone

We now move to 2022

Many have already set their goals and are eager to work towards achieving them. I also have mine, however I realised that we tend to have goals, but after a week or two we give up. We settle back to the normal and follow societal system of ” just living” than purpose driven living.

Why do people not to resolve to stick to their plans?

  • We forgot God’s providdance
  • We set wrong goals
  • We associate with individuals who won’t help us grow
  • We blame our circumstances
  • We invest our time in what is temporarily pleasing
  • We have no plan or strategy to follow with that in mind, I urge you therefore to change that mindset. Think of what will add value in your life or how you can add value in others so that both parties earn worth.

How can this be done?

  • Resolve to persuade your goals
  • Have a coach/ mentor who will be accountable to your progress
  • Plan and have objectives
  • Associate with like-minded souls
  • Pray that you do as the Lord will
  • Have boundaries, know when to say no than being fickle in your doings
  • Learn to have deadlines
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Announce when it is done. Share not your ideas before they are ripe with visible outcomes
  • Minimize reading less
  • Listen more to podcast or follow individuals who are in the path you are walking
  • Be yourself, do not imitate someone. You are unique
  • Have a teachable and a humble spirit

Having said that, I believe one of you will take a word or two here and apply it in your life. As to me, I will not waste the grace of God in me to add value to the world through writing, reading, editing, publishing, coaching, creating content, speaking ( in a form of motivation)

You also have your top notch, purpose to fulfill that which is bestowed onto you.

May 2022 be distinct in your life


Author: Sydwell Parton Mthombeni

Published by Phillimon sefake

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