I’ve carry a heavy heart

Everything is drifting like a Nott

Sometimes I feel like I could be a new born

Pieces of me are like snow,

Emotions faded but slow.

Sequence of my life it’s a slope,

Living with darkness, moonlight my Globe

All my emotions been tied up with a Rope

I’m breaking down in the silence that roars

Nobody cares because I’m a beautiful Rose

Pain so bold, peace so Gold.

I’m lost in the world that doesn’t exist

Stuck in the middle of nowhere

On the desert where dust erode my emotions

On the Glaciers where mist portrayed my devotion

On the rain that washes away my illusions.

I’m fading

I’m thinking but with no brain

My life it’s like a night with no moon

Everyday it’s a day with no sun

Only wolf is on my side, emotions so wild

I tried to cry, but no tears left to cry

When it hurts, I laugh and keeps asking myself why?

When life doesn’t make sense

Only death make sense

But I remember we all born crying

Because life is so terrifying

Author: Loyalty

Published by Phillimon sefake

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