Dj Traibo R.s.a

Traibo R.s.a is Dj & producer from Eldorado village in Senwabarwana, he is still young and he didn’t experience many things but he is facing music problems. He is currently playing and producing Afro house and deep house. ” I really love my work because I know one day it is gonna take me somewhere.” Said Dj Traibo

He also want to see himself representing South Africa all over the world, so that people will know South Africa as the country of talent and success. He want to own a record label to promote every talented upcoming artists from his village. His role model is Dj Shimza, and he also value a world where peace reigns and where love is shared.

” I pledge to the world that one day, I am going to be the best artist. I am going to keep on rising South African flag by just playing my afro house.” Concluded Dj Traibo

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