Mintirho ya vulavula“, translated ” deeds counts” was a motto of Gazankulu was known as a Bantustan in SA intended by the Apartheid govt. As they subdivide Northern Transvaal into small segments. ( Wikipedia) Tsonga history.

During the earlier 60s, lot of Rural Leaders such as Hosi Mtswetweni, Bokisi, Njhaka-Njhaka, Malele, Mahatlani Sibisi and Sikhunyani, became to be all under Hosi Bungeni. This was resulted from demarcations being made.

In 01 february 1973, Gazankulu became self-governed under the leadership of a Tsonga noble leader H. W. E Ntsan’ wisi.

In 1994, Gazankulu was sub-divided into different municipalities ( Makhado, Greater Lithaba, Greater Giyani, Phalwabora, Malamulele, Tzaneen and Thulamela.)

Today in South Africa, we have about 3 300:00 population of people under such municipalities ( Tsonga Joshua retrieved 11 February 2015). These people were united during the Gazankulu main leaders under H. W. E Ntsan’wisi and his cabinet.

Recently, and sadly, many of what these great Leaders laboured for ( such as Radio Tsonga which is moved to Polokwane from Giyani, Parliament, Giyani college, Lemana college and many other economical, political, social, educational and traditional treasurers are lost just after 1994 election)

Signifying the cascade of leaders who survive those of the old Gazankulu slipped out of such focus to make ” Mintirho ya vulavula”.

Our generation of leaders should not want to strive to be like those men. But should conveys their leadership skills and unity. Let mintirho ya vulavula be vulavuling for Vatsonga people the way it did twenty plus year’s ago.

Did you know?

As tsongas we are called

Person= Mutsonga

Group= Vatsonga

Language= Xitsonga

We may vary in saying or calling objects in our dialects. This is due to the kind of Literature we were fed and the background of authors we read. But we all are the same and are Tsonga people.

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Research and Summary by Sydwell Mthombeni

Published by Phillimon sefake

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