Author: Kwazinkosi Ndlovu

Kwazinkosi Ndlovu is a 25 years old, a self-published author. He was born and raised in Hillbrow/ Berea before relocating to Soweto. He began writing in his first year while studying at the University of Johannesburg as just a hobby. Something to do in his spare time and flex his creativity muscles.

He used to write short think pieces, where he would express his thoughts and just vent about whatever that was bothering him at the time. Surprisingly his friends enjoyed his short pieces of writing, they sparked conversations and they kept asking him to write more.

In his second year, he decided to try and challenge himself by writing something more than just a short think piece but a full-on story in the form of a blog. ” I decided to write about what I knew at the time and I wrote a story titled ‘ don’t go to uni ‘ which was a story about a boy and his friends living life in their first year of University this time around it was not just my friends who loved my writing but even strangers on the internet”. He added

In his third and final year he wrote a novella titled ‘ Such a beautiful mess which is a romance novella that follows two lovers as they tell their story from a two people perspective. The story ends with both of them dying at the end which was a teary ending for many readers. In the same year during the hard lockdown, he again wrote another novella titled Love, Heartbreak and vibes which was about the dating life of a high school boy.

The more he wrote the more he fell in love with it, until he was convinced this was what he was meant to be doing with his life, telling stories. Once he decided writing was his true passion, he began writing more and more about everything his brain could think of and creating endless stories. He also continue to blog regularly.

Last year as he was doing internship, he had an idea to write a fantasy novel, as a way to tell a complicated larger storyline and combine his love for fantasy and history. This was again also another challenge for his writing journey as he had never attempted something so large. As he wrote his novel, he made the decision to quit his internship to pursue to one career and he truly love which is writing. ” I self-published my novel titled ‘ The Coven: Blood of Sitayi’ and I am now in the process of trying to become a full-fledged novelist and writer”. Concluded Kwazinkosi

Long Description of the Book

What would you do if you discovered magic was real? And the people that could use it lived normal lives amongst the ordinary.

Nandi Khuzwayo, the new girl in the township of Emahlathini, is plunged into this magical reality when Langa’s unpleasant brother, Msizi, and his friend Nkanyezi use her as a guinea pig in their spell experiments without her knowledge. When one of these ‘ sessions ‘ is discovered and interrupted by Langa and his best friend, Phila, a fight ensues between the four, which Nandi witnesses in it’s entirety.

After the fight, Langa and Phila insist on being the ones to help Nandi find her way home and are reluctantly left with the task of erasing her memories, as is customary when a ‘ worldly’ witnesses the use of magic Langa fails to carry out the simple task and let’s her keep her memories of she solemnly sweats to keep the things she witnessed to herself, which is against Organization rules. And this marks the beginning of their interactions.

Join Nandi as she learns about the world of magic and the secret Organization that governs all magicians throughout the World. Explore magic realism through the eyes of Langa, who belongs to the secret worldwide Organization of Magicians.

Follow the story of Langa and Nandi as they gravitate towards one another, as Nandi pushes to learn about magic and Langa is faced with the decision of either revealing the secrets of his kind to a worldly’ girl and risk exposing their existence or simply walking away. Will Langa risk it all for Nandi? What about the feelings they find themselves developing for each other? And what happens when the Organization finds out?

Love or duty, which will prevail?

Short Description of Book

The coven: Blood of Sitayi is a South African fantasy book

Genre of the book

Romantic fantasy

Language of the book


Contact details


Phone: 0824893271

Address: Tshipa street, Meadowlands west, zone 01, Soweto

Location of the author

South Africa, Soweto, Meadowlands west, zone 01

Purpose of the book

The book is written for fans of relatable fictional African stories. It doesn’t feature black people being criminals or slaves or oppressed. If you want to see black people in a new light doing cool stuff this book is for you. It is meant for entertainment the same way books like Harry Potter, Twilight or mistborn are.

Who was the Author targeting

General fans of fiction

Fantasy fans

People interested in alternate African history

Number of pages

290 paperback

Published by Phillimon sefake

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