Sydwell Mthombeni

A survey I rendered shows:

70% of the people said they want to be successful

15% wish to be wealthy

10% desire to have beautiful family

5% do not know

Do you know your greatest ambition?



Listen to this

The best ambition you may ever desire to have is not



A huge family

Or maybe being in Dubai for 6 months holiday with your family


Let me tell you what should be my ambition or that which should be yours as well

Pursuit of joy

Joy is that without which we will not have pleasure in what ever we do

Our achievement are driven by sound ending- being joyful!

Why are you reading here? To be joyful!

WhY are you doing your business?

For your joy

Am I correct?

Problably yes

So, whatever we do or long to do, it is driven by such pursuit of joy

Money, possessions and all sort of things around us, are the only means to lead us to such a delight in being joyful

Question: Are you happy in your life?

Friend, you may have all worldly’ treasurers, but without being joyful, you are as bankrupt

Let us purpose to pursue joy in whatever top notch, we delight in.



© Sydwell Mthombeni

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