Sheila published her book

A resident of Bungeni Village in Limpopo South Africa published her first book. She has contributed in a couple of books including two anthologies, namely Nhlohlorhi ya Ntshava and a poetry for African soul.

Sheila Mathevula is the co-founder of Writers Corner Institute. WCI is a platform that is meant to pave the way to publish books for youth.

” Since it is expensive to publish books, Mr Sydwell Mthombeni, Hlayisani Shivuri and I decided to register and make a WCI a company that help youth through out South Africa”. Said Sheila

“We at WCI have published several books since last year and we are working on more, Lordy willingly, this month end two more books will be published”. She added

Sheila Mathevula is also a founder of “Swa Sheila Events” and Xalamuka youth club and she is currently a radio presenter at North FM.

” I am passionate in what I do, with the team that I work with, we aim on being the best in publishing industry. This we do not do it for us, but we will be happy to see young people being successful in writing. We teach writing in English and Tsonga, we have classes every Monday and Tuesday on our WhatsApp platform where we are more than 60 members”. Sheila amplified

Ti nthlonhla Vutomi” is purchasable at the cost of R180.00 to order call Sheila at 0761936673.

” I proofread this poetry collection and it is educational, healing and encouraging, a reader will not regret to purchase this copy”. Mr Sydwell Mthombeni

Story by Sydwell Mthombeni: Writers Corner Institute

Published by Phillimon sefake: Senwabarwana online News

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