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Kamogelo Sibanyoni is a 14 years old footballer from Dawn Park currently living in Tembisa. His favorite position is playing forward centre and that’s how his inspiration of goals formed his football dream. Kamogelo’s dream is to put South African football on top like European football.

Kamogelo says that everyone’s passion in football ends when they get rejected by bigger teams in the PSL. He advice young teens like him to work hard in their dreams, they must push until something happens. Because many people realize their mistake later and don’t tempt to remind themselves that rejection is the way to up. ” Rejection only means try again, work hard, improve your mistakes, correct yourself and put your mindset in greater dreams.” Kamo said

In primary school his coach Mr Chimboza taught him real football, communication and statistics on how players should move. ” I really look up to that guy and he will always remind me of whom I wanna be when I’m done with my football career”. He added

His biggest dream is to play football overseas, his favorite teams to play for are Liverpool and Bayern. He is currently playing for BCC football club, you may check it on Facebook or add Kamo G Maz for more info. In five to ten years he would love to see himself as a captain of Bafana Bafana in the FIFA world cup, and looking all the crowd cheering Bafana Bafana name and also being looked over by other national teams.

” But mostly is to teach young people that success isn’t a thing that comes over a night, it’s a passion and mistake where you govern and correct yourself”. Kamogelo concluded

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