” If you lack the right level of wisdom to maintain character, you’ll keep missing opportunities even when you see them.” ~ Chiamaka Okoro

Lack of right level of wisdom

Did you know that we have people within our rural communities with theory they learned in colleges and universities? They are educated and mostly should be at least being adding value somewhere in the world.

But with their education, they are stuck and jostling their way out by doing what is not aligned with their profession.

Why is that?

They lack the right level of wisdom. So how do you maintain the right level of wisdom?

Being a graduate doesn’t always means you will be employed. Actually we should not graduate focusing mainly on being employed, graduate with the goal of employing others. Gain practical wisdom not only theory in classroom. You gain practical wisdom by

~ Volunteering

~ Attending seminars

~ Reading and learning more

~ Be with the right circle of people

~ Willing to sell your value to earn income

Maintaining Character

There are prominent people in our society that we should value, perhaps by their possessions. We dare not because of their behavior among us.

How are you doing? Are you behaving in a way that your Character is maintained in a way that shows wisdom?

If not,

You will miss the opportunities even if you see them.


  • You will push off task or responsibility ( I sometimes have a tendency of struggling with procrastination, working on it though)
  • You will be undermining your abilities to add value to the world
  • You will be also think of how people will react to the bad you will bring ( which should not be so)

A word for you

As you read, think of how much you got that we who are around you long for? Can’t you shove off a burden of fear and anxiety?

We all in one way or another have some sort of gift that God want us to add value to the world with. It is never late. Gain the right level of wisdom, maintain your character and pursuit to grab any opportunity that comes your way as if it is the last.

I cheer on you

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© Sydwell Mthombeni

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