In Marobjane village next to Indermark outside Senwabarwana, they found a young woman Selina Mathedza raped and dead in an empty house not far from Manchester Bucks Ground. The young woman went missing two days ago. Marobjane village is known as the uncivilized and dangerous place to live in. Because most people who lives there are Zimbabweans who don’t have rightful permit to live there. Many terrible things, like murder, rape, fighting with knives and bottles are happening there every year. Last year they found two bodies of innocent children laid in the bush murdered by a jealous boyfriend. Community believes that this is the work of a serial killer in their community. The village is no longer safe anymore.

Stop killing women

“A real man doesn’t kill or rape, a real man does protect our sisters, I pray that justice be done and perpetrator rot in hell and throw the keys deep down in the sea. My deepest condolences to the family and friends. May her soul rest in peace”. Petty Ramokgobedi said

In the meantime Marobjane villagers are planning to contribute R10 per yard to go look for help, to find this person who are terrorizing their people. ” They don’t deserve jail but to be killed slowly to feel the pain, they’ve caused others”. Said one of the villagers

” Eish some people are cruel and they are the devils themselves, how can they do this terrible thing, how do they sleep at night maar. Rest in peace sis Selina”. Added Refiloe Enthusiastic Mphago

A case of murder has been open, please if you know something don’t hesitate to call the police. Let’s fight crime in our societies.

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