People showed their last respect to murder victim, Selina Mathedza as she was laid to rest at Avon Marobjane cemetery in the Blourberg Municipality on Saturday. Mathedza was reported missing last week Friday and found dead on Sunday, the 6th. Her lifeless body was discovered at an abandoned one room house next to a local soccer field in Avon Marobjane.

The death of Selina Mathedza sent shock waves in the community of Senwabarwana as women now fear for their lives. ” I think it’s high time young girls should stop going to tarven drinking alcohol and smoking. And before you go out, say something to your family so people can know where you went. Because you will get into a fight there with your boyfriend or other people when you get drunk and you start missing later we find you dead.” Nthabiseng Mokoena Sentha said

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