As we have seen in this past few months, South Africa experienced the death of atleast five pioneer artists in music and acting, namely Dj city Lyts ( Sandile Mkhize), Patrick Shai, Kuli Roberts, Rick Rick and Dj Dimplez ( may their souls rest in peace)

This is sad especially to those who are passionate and are modeled by such individuals.

Perhaps now is time that people reach out for counselling. Some of losses of life is resulted by issues such as anxiety, depression, mental or brain haemorrhage, stress and other mental or health issues. These could be prevented if people speak out. It is not just public figures who experience such, anyone living does encounter such issues.

There are well trained experts in the field of counselling who can give a remedy to anyone being in a challenging crisis in their lives.

It may be that one have thoughts of taking away his or her life somewhere in the world due to mental problems that can be delt with.

Think of this: it is being inconsiderate to take away your life. Your life is a gift from God. It is as imported to the society not only to you.

Remember, you are of great value. There is nothing new in this world. Your problems is being faced by million through out the world. Some are battling it out, you also can do it. With God’s grace we all will be victorious. Redeem your life, endure hardship and seek council.

Written by Sydwell Parton Mthombeni

Published by Phillimon sefake

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