” Mr Sydwell, I have written a book and it is not selling, I give up on this, it waste my time to read and write. People do not buy books…..” Jane spoke with a discontented tone of voice.

ShE just published her book and only sold few copies to few friends and relatives.

” Seriously I give up Mr Sydwell.” She keeps on.

” Maybe you need to think about your content.” I retorted

” What is content?” She inquired

Then I took a juncture pondering over her quest.

” Jane, content is the information that you are dishing out to your audience. If your writing does not help solve a problem to your reader or help your reader get closer to see their dreams come true, then you are a bad content creator.”

” Sir wait, you mean I might have written badly? She asked with novelty.

” No, I am not saying that. I do not know what you wrote about and I can’t decide if it is bad or good. All I can advise you to do is one thing, and you will learn it once and no school will ever give you this.”

I paused a bit as she look at me with a smile on her face, she gleamed like a glorious golden sun set.

” What is it sir?” She asked with hopeful anticipation.

” Every Monday at Writers Corners Institute ( WCI), we will teach you how to write and make money of your writing. This class is meant for people like you. So join us and even invite your writing friends to join us”

We often have a space for at least 5 people to join for the class.

If you can join us every Monday 19:00-20:00 for this writing class feel free to DM

Sheila wa Vuthlokovetseri

Basa Makhubela

Hlayisani Loneah Shiburi

Sydwell Parton Mthombeni

They will give you more information

Jane had a problem of not making money out of her writing, at WIC we dish out ideas to sell your content well.

Remember also that we offer services such as:


Type setting



Proof reading

We also give personal training

Tsonga lessons

English and writing classes

Life coaching

Influential through people who are invited to motivate and influence those within WIC family worldwide.

If you are a writer ( especially aged 15-35) and not with us, what are you waiting for?

Writers Corners Institute ( WCI)

Think deep, write smart

We announce when it is done

By Sydwell Parton Mthombeni

Published by Phillimon sefake

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