A case of rape has been opened, yesterday on the 17th March 2022 at the Seshego police station where a young female learner aged 17 from Kwena Moloto outside Seshego is allegedly raped by a school quantum transporter on the 05 march 2022 in Seshego.

According to the police spokesperson, Ali Maluleke, it is reported that the transporter who is driving a quantum told the learner that he is interested in her. The learner refused and told him that she is still going to school. The suspect then forced himself on the learner where they ended up at the Seshego ( zone 6) rooms and raped her

Ali Maluleke says that Seshego police have been sent out to look for the suspect. ” Our children are not safe in the hands of people who loves young girls and parents must keep their kids safe and know which transports their children are using when they go to school,” he said.

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