Marobjane, Dikgomong: A young man aged 22 had allegedly killed and set his own father on fire in Senwabarwana ( Marobjane, Dikgomong). This happened after they had misunderstanding on their conversation about money. His father refused to give him money to buy weed. People from community says, this young man is always stealing money from his father and sometimes he take money from him by force. Some says he smoke and bath with weed.

Marobjane, Dikgomong residents are still in shock about this terrible incident and this village is known as the land of blood where people kill each other now and then. The villagers are still mourning about the death of Selina Mathedza who was brutally killed last week at the same village.

The family of the late Bartlett Sehata says it is not the first time a son assault his father for money to buy weed, he once stabbed him with a sharp knife but he survived injuries. A young man is currently fighting for his life after the angry community took the law into their own hands and beat him until he collapse.

People who knows him very well says, a young man mixes coke with spirit while busy smoking matekwana ( weed). They say he was expelled from school for harrasing teachers and learners.

I beg you in the name of God, please report domestic violence to the police before it goes far

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