Meet Mogau Berry Monyela ,well known as MercyBerry the voice of the poet, a 20-year old poet driven by passion of art, culture and tradition, full of love and care. MercyBerry is very much into poetry and has lots of love for nature. His main aim in this poetry journey is to make a mark, show the world that he is a true pedi and still follows his tradition and culture, that he is a proud African. He is also the founder of mercy berry’s poetry production which intends to expose upcoming poets, mentor them and help them to get their work published.

The challenges he faced in this journey was being different in a sense that most of his peers are focused way too much on education and careers solely while he focuses on his talent and continues to shine through poetry.

Mercy is not only a poet but a multi-talented young man, talk about music ,dance, presentations, just to name a few, but the list goes on and on, above all those talents, he still chose poetry. He believes that its poetry that chose him and not the other way around….interesting. Mercy started poetry at the age of 12 in 2014. It all started when he was at church during preparations or rehearsals so to say for art competition, “I still remember it like it was yesterday, while I was looking at them reciting, I could feel something was wrong and wanted to show them how it’s done.” Mercy said. Indeed he did that, just one line and everyone was amazed at how good he was and the rest is history.

He regards poetry as his daily life hence it does not in any way interfere with his day to day life. In everything, poetry takes the first priority. He believes it’s the inner voice that guides him through it all hence even the first day he started, it was the voice that said, show them how it’s done, for him to write, present, it’s all about the inner voice which tells him what to do, what to say, how to say it.

His biggest wish for South Africa is to see big organizations that promotes music and art as a whole honoring poetry since poetry is life. In five years to come, mercy would like to see himself known worldwide and teaching poetry. He also dreams of creating an organization that deals with poetry awards as a way of honoring poets and authors.

Mercy’s values include making people happy, bringing light to their lives and also bringing hope and healing through poetry.

He is mercy berry the voice the poet on Facebook, tik-tok, Instagram, twitter, YouTube

You can also contact him on  0780265173

by Katlego Makhwiting

Editor in chief

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