If Businesses create employment not the government then it should be the Government’s responsibility to fund South African individuals with Business ideas or Business Opportunity.

We get encouraged often to start businesses. The problem is not the willingness to start a business but the means to start it. In a country of millions in population and we are still encouraged to start a business! It is backwardness in knowledge. There are thousands of people who want to start a business, they do not start the business not because they are not encouraged but because there is no start-up.

If we want to tackle unemployment then we must be willing to invest in it. It is every individual with the dream of opening a supermarket and these with supermarkets also have dreams of expanding their small business. The government should be accountable for giving funds. The expansion of a small business to a bigger business can also mean the increase of employment.

South African citizens have depended long enough on the government for employment and do something about unemployment and it seems to be unending issue. So, there are people out there with dreams, ideas to do something about it. Now, the government should invest in it.

Academically, learners should be taught about financial literacy and business, as compulsory subjects. It makes total sense for a learner to do physical science and Business studies as subject. It is not madness but not limiting learners. If unemployment can tackled by South African citizens opening more businesses then that must say something about the importance of commercial subjects. Economics and Business studies are also of the utmost subjects in schools and should be treated so.

Published by Phillimon sefake

Author: Nontlantla Mthimkulu

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