I have been learning about ‘ self-esteem’ curriculum both subconsciously and consciously. Through videos and amazing books.

‘ Self-esteem curriculum is one of the curriculums that Americans master. Learners are taught to have authentic self-esteem about themselves.

You probably have seen videos where learners say something good about themselves before entering the classroom. ( ” I am a good person”). Well, that is not Affirmation it is called ‘ self-esteem’ curriculum.

So I read a book ( self-esteem), the book tells a story about the different countries that a test and Americans did not come first but they were first to take the results well. Basically the self-esteem curriculum enable a learner to have their high self-esteem even after a failed test. The self-esteem curriculum enable learners to take results well, and not to think they are not good enough because of one fails test.

I was excited about learning the concepts but thinking about it. Isn’t ‘ self-esteem’ curriculum, the solution to bullying at schools!? I mean, ‘ self-esteem curriculum’ is not about self-esteem but authentic self-esteem. Having a high self-esteem not because of compliments but your servanthood.

Will a learner who has high authentic self-esteem be a bully? Of course not. Have we ever sat down and think of how we are approaching bullying? Or we just apply the punishment to learners hoping that it will tackle the issue of bullying at schools.

I love and appreciate that there are programs going to schools to spread awareness about Bullying. The fact that bullying is not reported to the principal of the school does not mean that there is no bullying happening at school. But does the awareness tackle Bullying? No. It brings awareness.

Bullying is not something that learners have talked out of but taught out of. We talk to learners about Bullying and telling them that it is not right but realistically that does not make things right. Self-esteem curriculum should be introduced in schools and should by far be a subject. We got taught about commerce, science and so on but never taught how to love ourselves. Yes, it is our responsibility to love ourselves but some of not majority of people who not love themselves or say struggle with self love is not that they don’t want to love themselves, but they don’t know how to love themselves. How can a person who lacks self love and knows how to love themselves, not love themselves?

Education about self-esteem is one of the gaps that needs to be bridged in schools. Learners who bully other learners bully also because they lack self love. It is through bullying that they get satisfaction and feel good about themselves.

Author: Nontlantla Mthimkulu

Published by Phillimon Sefake

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