Indermark village in Senwabarwana

Indermark LFA League is changing lives of children in a positive way. And is being used to create opportunities for some of the most vulnerable children. To keep children off the street and on the ball.

Indermark u/15 LFA League table

The Indermark league works for the protection, rehabilitation and social intergration of children by providing them with primary healthcare and stop them from smoking cigarettes, weed and drinking alcohol after school hours. As they keep them busy with training and other football games.

This year it adopted a new strategy by using sports, in particular football to achieve it’s goals. And giving the chance to a Indermark children team to participate in the Indermark LFA League and Indermark LFA League u/15 tables.

Indermark LFA League table

Sponsor or donate to our future young stars

Lacking of kits makes them uncomfortable. Indermark LFA League need your mutual support to keep the light shining.

Requirements are

Football kits such as

balls, jerseys, long sleeve jerseys, boots, pullovers, hose

Training kit such as

beebs, cones, pallet cones, cope, ladder, skipping ropes etc

I’ll be grateful and glad, if you consider our requirements as a support to younger star players.

Thank you

Stay safe

If you want to sponsor or donate contact Malombo Rangata at +27826433636

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