1. Children bully because they have a low self-esteem
  • Low self-esteem is one of the things that lead to bullying at schools. When self-esteem is not authentic it is a self-esteem developed from externalities. For example, people’s applause and praises. So, some learners who are the perpetrators of bullying always in search of boosting their self-esteem and unfortunately bullying becomes one of the solutions to their inauthentic self-esteem.

2. They could be struggling to interact socially, they can’t make friends easily, and therefore they choose to be aggressive and want to be feared in order to make friends.

  • Children seek acceptance elsewhere if they can’t find it at home. Children also need to feel loved and accepted by their peers, they then resort in bullying, more especially when they have attempted to fit in but failed.

3. They might feel lonely because their parents passed away, therefore they do not have a proper home or a warm family environment

  • Children can feel neglected if they do not have any figure that steps as parent after passing of the parents. Children need attention, it is their love language.

4. They might have been bullied themselves and might want to revenge to others

  • Children also carry emotions and go through situations that they need to talk about in order to heal and moved past it. That is why we have children’s Counseling and Social Workers. Children react differently from parents about their scars. Bullied children, might think that bullying others will alleviate their pain and give them satisfaction about themselves. Truth is, bullying affects how children view themselves.

Authors: Nontlantla Mthimkulu

:Siyavuya Mabece

Published by Phillimon sefake

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