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Perhaps one key element in life that help us heal or find a purpose for our existence is to be motivated. We do motivational talk, read books about it and get lot of gratitude messages. Thumbs up to that.


Is motivational enough?

How many of you have been motivated in seminars and other motivational talks you attended and you are the same and there is no change in your conduct or pursuits?

Let me tell you this:

Motivation aappeal more to your feelings and emotions. It is one element that in flames passion to enlightened you.

Our respond to it

When motivated, we have our world of imagination where by we see our dreams come true, that is but for a moment. It sease quickly like paraffin flames.

Why is that?

It is because you take motivation and do nothing about it.

This, then mean that motivation is not enough.

The secret

Do nnot just be motivated, but act upon such motivation. Action or what you do with motivation yield the result, that is – growth.

Never settle for motivation. It is ok to to be motivated, but it is great to grow in your pursuit.

As youth, we are celebrating freedom day soon enough, it is also your own freedom to stand tall against all odds and start working on nurturing your life.

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