Denga Jack studio: A million millestone begins with one step

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By Phillimon sefake

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting

Sharing is caring and the hand that gives is more blessed than the hand that recieves, help out senwabarwana online news editor in chief.

“My name is Katlego Makhwiting, from Bochum (GA-Machaba village) but currently residing at Oliven Ext 26.
During the course of the the year I entered a competition run by organizations called
SATE (south African talent extravaganza) under the category of poetry. “

Commenced in February for the following categories poetry, music, dance, acting, so due to lockdown restrictions it took place online, then we moved to second round, then semi finals, quarter finals which were also online, i managed to get into the finals where it’s only 10 participants. The Grand finale will be taking place in Mpumalanga on the 3rd & 4th of September 2021 in Mpumalanga, Mbombela (Valencia hall).

“I am requesting any form of DONATION for transportation from olieven to the venue, food and accomodation.”

My banking details are as follows:
Cell number for EFTs : 0658210979

Banking details
Capitec bank
ACC no: 1576081697
Account holder:NK MAKHWITING

You can contact me through the following :Contact : Call/WhatsApp:0658210979

Accompanying my request is a letter from SATE & Donation list.
Thanking you so much for support.

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Maleboho with Kwetepane and vaccinated poetry competition

No mask No entry

Be there to get entertained for the day

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Phola’s Car wash presents

Let’s go to support your local DJ at Phola’s car wash ( Avon-4 pad) with good music and great food and drinks.

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Indermark Ladies Car-wash

Sponsored by T. U T Indaslifestyle

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Ur own design carpentry

Denga Jack studio

A million milestones begins with one step

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Denga jack studio

A million milestone begins with one step

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International Hotel School

Our programmes

full time learning

part time learning

online learning

Higher certificate in hospitality


Hospitality management

Our Campuses


Cape Town



Education is our passion

International Hotel School is part of the Invictus Education Group, where the primary focus is on the provision of quality education for occupations that are in demand in the economy, thereby ensuring that every single graduate has an excellence chance of being employed. To read more about the Invictus Education Group go to

Apply online today by visiting their website

Contact details:

Tel: +27129425781


Physical address

22 umgazi street Ashlea Gardens

Pretoria South Africa, 0081

online and support office

Tel: +2731536650

fax: 0866490915


Thank you so much for reading this post, please apply today and further your career

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By Phillimon sefake

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting

New song by Baby Lash ft. L. Bling & Izzy Dee Prod By HBM✨

Title: Not Ready ❤️🍹

About the song

Well, the song is not just a love song, but it is a song for those who are loyal to their partners still believe in love, this song was written from the core of the heart since they believ that love still exists.

This song is dedicated to all people who have found true love and are willing to keep it that way forever. It also serves as motivation to those who hurt their partners in all ways possible, rather than loving and making them happy.

True love is medicinal, serve as way to heal and mend broken hearts.

Listen to the song below

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By Philimon Sefake

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting

Bullying has turned into a pandemic. Say no to bullying and say no to violence.

Meet Tinny Tumetsi Mapaila, a grade 11 learner at Tshweni Secondary School from Mohlakong in Limpopo province, a recent victim of bullying.

So, there are two of her peers staying around her place, who have been bullying her for quite some town now, on the 4th of July she posted a picture of her friend on Facebook sending him birthday wishes, then the two bullies shared the post and captioned it with a whole lot of hurtful words that she even deleted that post.

on the 24th of July she posted something on Facebook and did not mention any names, the bullies gave nasty comment, but she let it go.

Then on the 27th of July her mom sent her to Mokwasele village to run some errands for her and sadly along the way she met with one of the perpetrators who beat her up and she could not even fight back, after the scene she continued with her journey, on her way back she found the one who beat her up together with her friends and sisters.

Seeing a group of people made her so terrified but she had no where to run to, they started an argument with her then started beating her up. “they beat me so bad that I fell on the ground and injured my hand.” She said.

Few minutes after she got home, boom, her video is trending on all social media platforms, since then she never went back to school and they continued posting the video each day.

her hand is still swollen and not functioning at all.
You can imagine what that can do to a person, the embarrassment, the humiliation, so sad indeed.
“I can’t go to school anymore after what they did to me, I can’t face the world, please help me, I need support and justice.” Said Tinny.

Contact Tinny on +27 76 016 3257

Facebook: Tinny M Mapaila

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By Katlego Makhwiting


Makoena realised that the unemployment rate is very high in south Africa and decided to do something about it and started his own clothing brand. it was established June 2020 and his biggest dream is to hire people once the brand has grown a bit.

“every 3 months I come up with new designs for my clothing.” Said Makoena.

His biggest goal is to see his brand being in 10-20 different stores across the country. Job creation is his motive behind all these, motivated by Drip footwear.



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Music heals the soul, it is very therapeutic. Meet Kholofelo Maphala, an 18-year-old rapper from Ga-Broekman in Limpopo province-south Africa.

Kholofelo, well known as No Crisis is an 18-year-old rapper from Ga-Broekman, a matriculant at Matthew Phosa. He started music in 2017, it all started at a school event. He only does music during his free time so it does not interfere with his academic work.

In 5 years to come he would like to see himself done with school and working, mostly seeing “no crisis” being put on the map. His role model is his big brother, reason being even though he faced a lot of hardships in life he still managed to go on through it all and reach his goals.

His biggest dream is to see south Africa being economically stabilised and becoming a developed country.

Follow the following links for his good music, Pre save, download and share.

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Are you ready for Mcee Bellaquan’s album? R1tlao album coming to your ears very soon, watch the space.

Kgothatso Morulane, well known as Mcee Bellaquan, will be releasing an album titled R1tlao on the 7th of august 2021. The album consists of 10 tracks, he featured the likes of SSG records, credentials studio, KM, Sonik flow, OP, Majesty and Balencia Kayson.

“This album will bring a change of perception on how people perceive Mcee Bellaquan’s music and most of all it is going to change his music career, I bet on that.” said Mcee.

You can get yourself a copy at only R100 for the first month then from the second month onwards it will be R150. It will be distributed by Distrokid on all music platforms.
For more information contact him on : 076 837 5680 or via email on

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Everyone is born talented, its up to us to follow that talent or let it go to waste, Senwabarwana Online News present to you Simon Lesibana Majadibodu from Mokamole Lesodi Motlana village in Limpopo province-south Africa.

Simon Majadibodu is a 21-year-old from Limpopo who is well known as Radio Bae, he has been in the entertainment industry since 2018, he does presenting, news anchoring and voice overs. He is not just an entertainer but also a first-year university student studying Journalism. He completed his matric in 2018 and after that he attended a couple of radio auditions to try his luck, but things didn’t work out.

The journey has not been easy at all for him, there were times he even thought of giving up. During the auditions the judges would praise him for his talent and that they have been looking for people like him, to his surprise they never called him for the job. “The media industry is very hard and requires a lot of patience and people who know what they want.” He said.

The whole idea of radio came about when he was in matric, he would record himself presenting Thobela FM shows like hlokwa la tsela, tsa maphelo and ntshirogele, in the process using the names of my classmates as producers, then later play the recordings to his classmates and they would be so shocked as his talent is very extraordinary. So, during Sepedi Orals he did well in class and ended up being chosen to represent his class in Sepedi Orals in his district. “the person who really motivated me to follow radio broadcasting was my former Sepedi Teacher, the late Mam Koka, the very first teacher to recognize my talent.” Said Simon.

He always make sure that what his work and leisure time not in any way interfere with his school work since he is a university student and wants to make sure that he pass with flying colours. “Ïm a full time radio listener, I can’t go a day without listening to radio, its fun, entertaining and very educational.” He said.

He believes that his talent is very unique as his way of presenting is very different from how others present. His biggest dream is to see himself working for SABC Thobela FM as a radio presenter, news reader and station voice. “Ït would be such an honour to work on radio station that was my late father’s favourite.” Said Simon.

His role model is Mankoko Baby, a radio presenter at Thobela FM, reason being that her presenting style is very unique and lovely, not forgetting her beautiful angelic voice that will just make one fall in love with radio. “it would very great to one day share a mic with her, she is such a natural and nails every show given to her.” Said Radio bae.

He pledges to his fans and supporters to serve them and represent them no matter what, be the voice to the voiceless and tell south African stories to the world. “I believe my talent is fresh and new to the industry and I wish to transform and change the old broadcasting ways into modern ones and bring and bring new techniques. I want to be celebrated and be known for the good work that I will be doing.” he concluded.

Please do download his videos below and enjoy watching🤩🤩you can follow him on tik Tok @simonmajadibodi or Facebook: Simon majadibodu (radio bae)

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By Katlego Makhwiting.

Breaking News

It is our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of our beloved sister (Nthabiseng Khwerana Moropama from Indermark.) She was involved in an accident yesterday morning on her way to work. May her soul rest in peace

Sincere condolences to the family, as the Bible says that everything has got its own time and that Jesus has left this earth to prepare our places and when he is done he will take us one by one. we are with you in these trying times, no amount of words can express our pain, may she rest easy.

Senwabarwana online newspaper Team

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Sharlotte Mathaka was born on the 23rd of May 2003 in North West, at the age of 12 she relocated to Cosmo City in Gauteng then later moved to Limpopo Province. Moving to Limpopo was the biggest challenge of her life. When she turned 16 her life flipped upside down and the only place she could run to was her diary where she wrote a letter to her younger self.

So the writing began there and then, she thought she would have written a book by now so since don’t always go accordingly, instead she launched a podcast. “I had to grow up faster that most of my peers.’’ Said Sharlotte. This somehow makes her feel like she is still a kid trapped between two worlds. She was kidnapped twice, experienced hatred and bullying to appoint she even though of taking her own life.

“I would love to see myself one day being a chattered accountant and a TV presenter. To my fellow brothers and sisters out there, live your life, follow your dreams, have faith in yourself and  make your parents proud.” She concluded

You can contact her for her motivational quotes on: +27 76 753 0934

Facebook page: Sharlotte Tinkiie

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Meet Goisti Mabula, a 15-year-old rapper from Tembisa, Gauteng- South Africa.

Goisti Mabula

Goisti Mabula is a 15-year-old rapper from Tembisa, Emfihlweni, He was born on the 21st of May 2006. He’s currently doing grade 8 at Masiqhakaze Secondary School. He goes by the stage name of 21MAJOR.

He is struggling to get a studio to record his songs because of lack of money. He loves Hip Hop and he writes songs weekly. He wants to heal the country through his music and give hope to young people out there.

He started music in 2018. His aim is to keep his fans happy and give them good music that they can relate to. His biggest dream is to be famous, have money, help the needy and donate the money to schools across South Africa.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read this article.

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By Phillimon Sefake

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting

Meet Goitsione Seletisha, the youngest inaugural poet from Makapanstad, Northwest in South Africa.

Goitsione Seletisha

Goitsione Seletisha is an 18-year-old from Makapanstad in Northwest. He is currently doing matric at Ratshepo high school. He describes himself as a cool, calm and chilled person who hates lies and prefer honesty.

Growing up was not easy for him since he is from a poor background but with the little they had he managed to survive.

He started writing poems at the age of 16. He has a timetable that helps him manage everything so he can balance poetry and his everyday life, so he usually write his poems at night.

What makes his poems so unique is the fact that he writes based on his feelings and his poems define his moods and mostly courageous. In five years’ time he wants to see himself being an independent achieving his goal of publishing an anthology which will bring him some income.

“writing is a talent that can never be taken away from me. My dream for South Africa is to see its citizens being able to do things on their own and having less corruption.” Concluded Goitsi .

What has happened to South Africa:

By Goitsione Seletisha

Is it still the rainbow Nation

Tears shed on the streets

streets teared apart

Is it still the rainbow Nation

Feels like the wrong rotation.

Looting and shooting won’t bring peace

The mist of fire filled on the clouds

What has happened to our country

We are slowly proving them right

We are acting like animals

Vandalizing everything we see.

Let’s all get united and be one Nation

Let’s stop the foolishness

Let’s bring peace and quiet

This is just a change of state

We’re slowly turning to Zimbabwe

That is what we can’t afford to see

God Bless Africa

O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho

Oor ons ewige gebergtes

Nkosi sikelela, maluphakanyiswa uphondo lwayo

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read this article.

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By Phillimon Sefake

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting

The hand that gives is more blessed than the hand that receives, give without expecting anything in return, sharing is caring.

Genaro help each other campaign which was established by Motsenela Masipa A.K.A DJ Genaro and Tiisetso Ramano A.K.A DJ KleinTii to help those in need is doing wonders, they managed to help a lady by the name of Mosibudi Mawete from Bognafarm (Mohlabeng wa ga malokela) with a brand new wheelchair which was donated to GHEOC by Caltex Bochum.

She was using a baby pram as a wheelchair, you can imagine how hard it was for her to move around, she was also helped with food parcels to keep them going since there is no one working in the family. GHEOC has been trying from 2020 to help her with a wheelchair and finally she got it, all thanks to Caltex Bochum Samaritans who lent a helping hand.

This campaign has already helped a lot of people with food parcels, sanitary towels, clothing and other things and they are willing to continue and help those in need. The organisation has been in motion for just a year and already a lot of people has benefited.

“As GHEOC we are calling out to all people, lets work together in helping our people, together we can achieve more, life is all about helping one another.”

Those who are willing to take part in GHEOC can assist with whatever they can, be it clothes that are still in good condition, newborn clothes and adult clothes, sanitary towels, food parcels, money, anything. You can do so by contacting Motsenela Masipa on 0822340587 or Tiisetso Ramano on 0730466089.

More contact details
Facebook: Genaro help each other champaign(GHEOC)

By Katlego Makhwiting

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