Nthuteng Ditaola TSA boreti is a collaboration of poems written by different poets.

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By Phillimon Sefake

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting


Mahlatse started her primary school at Mohlabi then went to high school at Malusi.  She regards herself as a very passionate and dedicated lady with a lot of strength and confidence. She started modelling taking pictures and attending modelling events and shows.

“whenever an opportunity arises for one to shine bright, do not look back.” She said.

In five years’ time she would like to see herself working on TV as a presenter or an actress or working as a radio presenter. Her biggest dream is top help fellow south Africans to stand on their feet and fight for their dreams.

She pledges to fulfil her dreams and never give up in this journey of life.

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Meet KiiNG AARon, a rapper from Mahikeng in North West province- South Africa.


KiiNG AARON was born and bred in Madibogo 2772, then relocated to Klerksdorp at the age of three, where he attended the Straatvaal primary school until the 3rd grade then he moved to mahikeng to complete grade four to seven at M. M. S then went to Golfview secondary school where completed his matric.

He loves music and Art( drawing) wholeheartedly, he started doing music when he was in the 7th grade and made his official debut in 2017 as K. I. D LOGIX but later on changed to KiiNG AARON.

” I feel as if my life was just a sequel where I lost my loved ones, i also struggled with bullying and fitting in. All I did was to push everyone away from me and felt as if I was better off alone.” Said KiiNG AARon

He is currently a college student. He always make sure that his music career does not interfere with his academic life. He produces Hip Hop/Rap which he started back in 2017.

He has the mindset of questioning himself about being consistent and he is constantly delivering. His biggest dream is to see South Africans working together rather than destroying one another and seeing all businesses owned by Black people succeeding.

“My mom is my role model, she became something out of nothing and that makes me want to do the same. I value those who value me. Most of all I value my peace. No obstacle is big enough to stop me where there is a problem, there is a solution waiting to be found.” He concluded

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By Phillimon sefake

edited by Katlego Makhwiting

An inspirational story of a young talented artist by the name Nchinyane Thabang aka DE LA BERRY from Moletjie Leokama in Limpopo province-South Africa

Nchinyane Thabang who is also known as De la Berry was born on the 21st of September 2001 in Gauteng province and later relocated to the Limpopo province. He is a producer and an artist.

He was inspired by DJ Oskido, DJ Maphorisa, Dr Dre and lil Wayne to go into the music industry. He joined the music industry at the age of 15 and by then he was still learning to use fruity loop to make beats then in 2019 he started taking music as a career so he can make a living out of it.

“I loved music ever since I was a little kid because Music brings me joy and happiness and if I start my day without listening to music I won’t enjoy the day as would be feeling that something is missing.” Said Thabang.

All thanks to Phuti Kola(Founder of Phuti Kola Films/ Rotten Kids) who is very passionate about what he does, he believed in him and helped him so much throughout his journey of music and with him he sees a bright future.

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By Karabo Murifi of Senwabarwana online news.

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting of Senwabarwana online news.

Meet Gift Mpebe aka dj mgiftanawa178 from Schoongezight in Senwabarwana-Limpopo, South Africa.

Dj Mgiftanawa178

Gift Mpebe aka dj mgiftanawa178 is a 26-year-old multi talented musician. Along the way he experienced a lot of challenges a hardships, at times he would ask for gigs and sadly gets rejected by fellow DJs, but since he is very passionate musician that did not break his spirit, after all, music runs through his veins and it is what he truly love.

He started dj’ng in 2012 at the age of 17, he joined the music industry because he wanted to get an incom so can able to help his mom put some food on the table and live a better life. He would like to own a studio and production company in his community so e can help upcoming DJs.

His biggest dream is to have more fans and gigs.

“I’m doing events annually called Fact-schoongezight-rock and schoongezight Easter experience at Ga-mamphaka restaurant ( Schoongezight A) with one of my supportive brothers Danny Mokobane. I want to see more successful youth in our country. I also want see our communities having big studios or school/ colleges to teach young people how to DJ. ” Concluded Dj Mgiftanawa178

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By Phillimon Sefake of Senwabarwana online news

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting of Senwabarwana online news

South Africa has fallen: By Dee Laxious

South Africa

A country with color

As bright as a rainbow

As bright as the sunset

As bright as to our heritage

A nation of one

South Africa has fallen,

The streets are filled and rotten

The brightness has burst, the flag is left to burn

Cries in a hustler

Cries in a learner

The South of Africa went south in hell

It went south from bright to dull

South Africa has fallen

Is this the freedom our heroes fought for,

As dumb as you are is this being free the cause, work and education is on pause,

Is this how the future lead?

There’s a war between citizens and the law,

A war between the rich and the poor

An act of foolishness has pooled,

Bodies in the streets are pooled,

Wake up black man! The poor are fooled!

Black man lend me an ear,

Hear my cry, crying for this country

Hear my cry, crying begging to save,

Save our country in this war

Before it goes far

South Africa has fallen

Watch this video and download it

By Sefake Phillimon (Senwabarwana online news)

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting ( Senwabarwana online news)

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Mpho Gift Tharaga a 17 year old is a multi-talented musician well known as Treasure

Mpho Gift Tharaga

Mpho Gift Tharaga also known as Treasure is a 17 year old musician, photographer, presenter, producer and actor. He is an independent artist who is not signed under any record label. He started his primary education at Lesedi Potlana primary, then went to high school in Kondelelani secondary, where he is currently doing his matric. He is currently busy with organization deals and promotions for his upcoming Ep called world war 8.

Growing up for him was not easy as he was from a very disadvantaged family where he was raised by a single mom because his dad left when he was only three years old. His brother was arrested when he was just five years old and sentenced to ten years in prison and coming back hasn’t been easy for him as he struggles to find a job because of criminal record, but all thanks to the Almighty because of his music he has managed to change the situation at home and doing all he can to provide for them.

He producing at the age of 13 where he was only dealing with hip hop genre only, but now he does also afro pop, afro trap and amapiano. Sejabaledi his relative gave him a camera so he can be able to take videos and post on YouTube that’s when he developed his love for photography. He got very luck and was called to be part of the cast in the movie family dynamics and that was the breakthrough he needed as it opened a lot of doors for him and got more acting opportunities and deals.

His biggest dream is to be an international musician and actor so he can put his country South Africa on the map. In the next five years he would love to see himself acting on an international movie and owning a record label that will be signing artists globally.

” My role model is Lil Wayne, I have always loved the guy from childhood. I pledge to never sell my soul or offer sacrifices so I can become the person I want to be, I was raised in a Christian family and I believe that through God all my dreams will come true.” Concluded Mpho

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By Phillimon Sefake: Senwabarwana online news

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting: Senwabarwana online news


Tisetso jack letsoalo who has always been called by his brother’s name Lawrence, is a 24-year-old who loves music wholeheartedly and is non-judgemental.

He started producing gospel music back in 2011 at Thabakgone church, by then he was a member of the choir at that church, then it didn’t do well, he then moved on to join another choir in 2014 name Brothers of Joy which also didn’t do well over the years then he started his own choir in 2016 called Eminent Boys which turned out perfectly well and even today its still functioning, he even introduced females to his choir.

His biggest dream is to see the government supporting all youth programmes and activities. In five years he would like to see himself having a big place where he keep the youth out of the streets and teach them about music. His role model is FBI Phakhathi.

“I pledge to stand by my own words, regardless of the challenges and difficulties I might come across I will work hard to achieve all that I have planned and wish to.” Said Tisetso.

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By Percy Rakhulana of Senwabarwana online news

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting of Senwabarwana online news

Denga Jack studio

Denga Jack Studio

Send us your business pictures, emails and cellphone numbers so we can help you advertise and promote your business by a means of video or demo so you can reach as many customers as you can.

This list is increasing everyday with negotiable prices

Watch our video and see our creativity

Deng Jack Studio


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Pontsho Matladi, well known as Pontsho Abutiiey-Bae is a comedy actor from Lefatlheng village, North West in South Africa.

Pontsho Matladi

Pontsho Matladi who is well known as Pontsho Abutiiey-Bae was born in 2002 at Montana Hospital, raised in Gauteng province at Unit D Ext 6 near Sekhululekile secondary and moved to North West at the age of 15 where he is currently staying.

By the age of 12 he had already had that strength to stand in front of his classmates and make jokes or make up funny stories and share them with the rest of the class and they really laughed Soo hard at his jokes, but then at that time it was not really big deal because he was just doing it to entertain his classmates, nothing major.

Pontsho is a comedy actor, content creator, director, film and video grapher. He is also a script writer who makes a living out of comedy videos. He officially joined the comedy Industry in 2020, that’s when he started making comic videos, what really inspired him was the courage he had back in school to stand in front a whole class and be able to make them laugh, that itself made him realise comedy is in his blood and that it runs through his veins so he must proceed with it as it can put food on the table for him.

“Everytime I look at my video clips, I just laugh and then start to fantasize about how my life would be like, having my comic videos all media, radios, TVs and newspapers, having the whole world seeing what I am capable of.” Said pontsho.

He advices young people like him to never give up on their dreams and what they love and believe in. There will always be negative energy from people around with the aim of discouraging you, even if one have very few followers they should not give up but just continue doing what they love. One step at a time, eventually you will get there.

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By Phillimon Sefake of Senwabarwana online news

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting of Senwabarwana online news


DJ Klein Tii SA will be dropping his debut album officially on the 20th of July 2021, tittled VILLAGE VALLEY.

The album consists of 8 tracks which are an explanation to the journey he undertook in his music career path. These tracks are produced by various producers so the listeners can have different styles of music.

On this album he worked with Author Songs, Jasper, Leon SV, Katzen V and Buziness. He has featured the likes of Mcee BellaQuan, BlackQueen and London Band called the Beach Boys.

The album will be available in all digital platforms (tidal, spotify, amazon music, youtube music, apple music, iTunes & many more) and direct purchases. The soft copy will also be available on their whatsapp line for only R100.

Are you ready?🤩🤩🤩

The album consists of motivational songs which are intended to speak to individuals, 1 of the songs being “have faith” which talks about having courage to go on, to keep pushing in whatever one does and never loose hope, what you put in daily is what will get you up on your feet when you are unable to stand, hence you should never stop believing because it is only through faith that your situation can change for the better.

For more information :
Whatsapp : 073 046 6089
Twitter and Instagram : DJKleinTiiSA1
Facebook : DJ KleinTii SA

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By Katlego Makhwiting of Senwabarwana online News.

The beauty of poetry through the angelic voice of Hlako Tshepiso aka poet tshepi

Hlako Tshepiso who is also known as Poet Tshepi , is a 19 year old from Senwabarwana at Ga-hlako village in Limpopo Province . She’s currently in Germiston attending St Anthony’s college. She completed her matric in 2020 at Radira high school.

Growing up was never easy for her and so is her journey in poetry especially back in primary school, as she was always laughed at and mocked whenever she tried to recite a poem, she didn’t really get that much support for her talent.

“The very first poem I recited was tittles “Bokgobapuku” which sadly turned out to be my nickname, it was really hard for me, there were times I couldn’t even go outside during break times for I knew those bullies were gonna make a circle and put me inside then laugh at me. Even though I had won a lot of poetry competitions my mates still looked at me as a joke.” Said Tshepi.

She started doing poetry at the age of 9 when she was in grade 3 . Her primary teachers used to write poems for her to recite because by that time she was still young and couldn’t write for herself. By the age of 12 she took a break from poetry because she couldn’t stand those bullies. In 2014 when she went to Radira high school she managed to bounce back and proceed with poetry.and thats were she managed to get back in poetry.

She parcitipated in a couple of poetry competitions and she saw that poetry is what she could die for . She started writting her own poems in 2017, she wrote not only about her feelings and experiences but about everyday life, listening to people’s stories and create poems out of them.

She records her poems at BDR studio and promote her work by sharing videos and recordings through different social media platforms .

In the next 5 years she would like to.see herself being known all over the world and people screaming and shouting her name whenever they see her and again she wants to be an inspiration and teach others about poetry.

Her biggest dream is to open companies that will hire a lot of youth in the name of alleviating poverty and reducing the rate of unemployment

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Published by Karabo Mufiri

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting

Meet Matlou Juliyah Mokobane who is also known as Juliyah Thee Dramatist from Bochum Ga-Mareis in Limpopo-South Africa.

Juliyah Mokobane is a 17-year-old writer originally from Makgabeng and currently staying at Ga-Mareis. She started primary school at Maphetja and currently in matric at Kgolouthwane Secondary School under the stream of general management.

She started writing dramas in 2017 when she was still in grade 8 and this journey hasn’t been easy as along the way she experienced a lot of challenges, words of discourage from her peers to a point she even thought of quitting but then all thanks to her teachers Mrs Mahlakoana and the late Mr Kgopong who through it all stood by her and always encouraged her to go on with writing.

Her love for writing was influenced by the soapies she always watched, the novels and dramas she loved to read, and at some point she would write speeches for her peers and that’s when her love for writing got reinforced.

“to me writing is a way I can express my feelings and emotions, it is the only thing that I can say I excel with.” Said Juliyah.

To manage her time, she writes 7 pages daily, and if it happens that she get a free period at school she can write a page or two, it really saddens her to go a day without writing anything as that bothers her a lot that she hasn’t really done anything, so she tries by all means to capture every event she comes across daily.

Juliyah’s biggest dreams is to see her written work being useful in the whole country, having published books that can be used in schools as part of literature, her books being the best seller in the whole world and opening a campaign that will uplift, enrich and nourish the talents of those dramatists out there.

In 5 years’ time she would like to see herself in Carlifonia as this is the place she always wanted to go to, she would love to see herself going forward with writing and inspiring other people.

“my role model is Connie Ferguson, she inspires me a lot through the work she has written and turned them into play which are really nice to watch and always seeing her on the screens gives me a lot if courage and im always praying that one day I get to work with her.” Said Juliyah

She pledges to work even harder, to help those who are interested in writing but have no idea where to start and those who have already started and want to better their work.

“to my fellow brothers and sisters out there, just push hard, work hard and always bear in mind that you will never be enough in someone’s eyes, do whatever you want to do with all your might and don’t let anyone discourage you, there will be people who will always talk, but that will only make you even stronger.” She concluded.

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edited by katlego makhwiting of Senwabarwana online news

Published by Karabo Murifi of Senwabarwana online news

Senwabarwana online news present to you Tebogo Ahmed Rabohale who is also known as Tbg Rafael.

Tebogo Ahmed Rafael was born on the 25th of January 1997. He is a recording producer, song writer and rapper. He is a multi-award-winning producer who won the GAMA-19 award, MYA-20 award, Pheli award 2020.

Tbg Rafael has perfomed his music at various places in Bolobedu and some clubs in and around city of Tshwane, and has been booked in Rusternburg, Polokwane and Joburg.

He is a versatile producer, an independent artist with a passion for Hip Hop, RNB, Trap and other genres included in his priductions.
Once again, he has been currently nominated for Pheli awards, MAMA awards, Pelo ya Tshwane awards and FOYA awards 2021 africa. Foya has nominees from Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, south Africa, Uganda under category of entertainment founder of the year 2021.

His music genre involves hip hop, trap, afro and house (versatile production). His skills are music producing, rapping and singing. Tbg has shared the stage with the likes of Master KG, Static Dope, Chillibite entertainment.

“I am very inspired to share my music with local and international masses, collaborating with various artists from around the globe. My current goal is to reach out markets I haven’t been exposed to and getting more airplay on national radio stations. I aspire to have my own major record label and a show that can focus both on my life and music to engage myself with more followers.” He said.

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Edited by Katlego Makhwiting of Senwabarwana online news

Published by Percy Rakhulana of Senwabarwana online News


Lethabo Manoko, from Kwarung in Ga Mmaleboho is a 21-year-old stand-up comedian and the founder of asjahanga clothing brand. the reason why he joined the comedy industry is because he always loved making people laugh so he realised that he could use this talent for a living since well many people lost their jobs due to this covid-19 pandemic.

So, he decided to take a video making some jokes and shared it, to his surprise the video went viral very quick and by that time he did not have a stage name. many people may be wondering where this name Asjahanga come from and how did it came about, well, since he could not think of any name, he asked one of the family members about name suggestions, then she said “your name should define who you are and I love the fact that you are not in a hurry, you take your time”, and immediately the word hurry crossed his mind. So, he decided to name himself “not in a hurry” which sounded very weird then he translated it into Zulu and it turned out perfectly fine. Asjahanga-not in a hurry.

About his clothing brand, well, people liked his t-shirts which were branded his stage name, but he had no intention of selling, people kept on asking about this brand until he finally decided to turn it into business and sell his brand. he is very happy, people love his jokes, videos and clothing brand, in a way this has created a life for him.

“I believe my brand is very unique since it gives people the message and advice that in whatever they do they must not hurry, they must take things slow and not miss any step in their way to perfection.” Said Lethabo.

In 5 years’ to come he would love to see his brand being worn in other countries and seeing white people proudly wearing his brand.

His biggest dream is to see south African businesses support local brands and artists and giving them all the support they need in order to create job opportunities and alleviate poverty by reducing the rate of unemployment.

“I pledge to never give up on my dreams until I become successful and I will always help anyone who needs help and those who try by all means to be something in the future.” He concluded.

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Thato minister Bokotsi

Thato Minister Bokotsi, well known as Crazy Teey, was born in 2002, 30th of july at Kalafong Hospital, then went to stay in Limpopo, two years after that he moved to Soshanguve in Pretoria and currently he is staying in Northwest.

He always liked to give motivations and words of courage to other people, and also loved speeches wholeheartedly and read quotes each and every day.

“I started realising I have a talent when I was 13, which was not just a talent, but a skill, a gift I can use to change the world.” Said thato.

He is still number 1 and maintaining his first position for North West poets and his poems can be found in all digital platforms and selected stores.

he had to become a man at an early age because his dad has been absent, so he was the one suitable to fill his dad’s shoes, he uses poetry to heal his soul and other people whose souls are troubled and also to touch people’s hearts. He has won more than 7 awards & trophies.

Thato is a multi-lingual poet, doing praise, inspirational, motivational and other types of poems. He is not only a poet but also a Brand Ambassador for Ditlo Popa Clothing and a musician. Comedy and acting are his hobbies while poetry is what he does for a living.

“I sometimes attend therapy and psychiatric sessions just to boost my knowledge.” He said.

Looking at his music side of things, he has been a “motswako” rapper for about 3 years and also produced some deep house tracks.

He started writing poems in 2015, it all started when he had an imaginary class and friends that he used to motivate, he always loved helping other people more than himself. Along the way he had some difficulties to a point he even fell victim of depression, anxiety & had Sucidal Thoughts.

“Everytime i hear my poems on radio and seeing them on google, this really gives me so much courage and motivation to go on and on about poetry.” Said Thato.

In 5 years to come he would like to see himself being a millionaire poet, being interviewed on TV, having 500K Viewers within an Hour, Living a Luxurious Life That he has always dreamt of, being the cover of magazines and front pages of newspapers.

His biggest dream is to be on the list of top 3 best South African poets.

He pledges to change the world through his work of poetry and to always give out his best to his fans and supporters.

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To get hold of Thato:

Facebook : Thato Minister Bokotsii / Monna Wa Boikhantso Bokotsii

Instagram : crazyteersaa

Spotify : Thato Minister Bokotsii

Itunes: Thato Minister Bokotsii

Apple Music : Thato Minister Bokotsii

Pandora: Thato Minister Bokotsii 0719007178

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Edited by Katlego Makhwiting of Senwabarwana online news

published by Karabo Murifi of Senwabarwana online news


Rocken Moremi, well known as Two Metre was born and raised in Ga-Machaba, he started primary school at Machaba and the went to high school at Ralekwalana where he completed his matric. He regards himself as a self-motivated individual who works hard, communicate well and has good interpretational skills.

His biggest lessons in life were that going to school is not about determining who will be rich or poor in the future but about gaining knowledge, and that blood is not what everybody says that it is thicker than water, I mean its those people who are not even related to you who will help in life in most cases.

He is currently focused on writing educational dramas which he started while in grade 12 in 2014. The reason why he started writing was because he feels that there is a lot of wark that still needs to be done in our country and he believes he is filling that gap through writing. So far, he has written six scripts.

“I am busy marketing my drama titled Tembisa Monneng, I have approached several shows and awaiting their response, not sure how they operate in terms of funding and other stuff.” Said two metre.

He is very confident about himself and believes that he can act, to our dearest brothers and sisters he would like to give this friendly advice that if there is anyone out there who wants to achieve something they must work hard and put all the effort as things will not work out themselves.

His biggest wish is to register with an agency and be featured on generations the legacy and other soapies.

His biggest dream is to build relevant knowledge, skills and talent base for a dynamic and growing economy through the facilitation and provision of training and development intervention.

“I pledge to have self-respect, respect others, be dedicated to produce the best educational dramas.” He concluded.

For those who are interested in helping me or sponsors contact on 076 880 9342/067 139 2597 moremirocken@gmail.com



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Gladys Mokwele from Ga-Mokwele, started her primary school at Naledi, her secondary at Matthew Phosa and she is currently a student at the University of Limpopo. She has always been in the school athletics and even now she has joined the netball team at varsity. she started modelling when she was still in grade 11 whereby, she entered Mr and Mrs Puraspan competition and she lost, then she stopped modelling since she was going to grade 12 and needed time to focus on her schoolwork.

So after she completed her matric she went back to modelling and entered Miss Maleboho competition where she came out as the second princess, then went on to enter Miss Polokwane Youth where she came out to be second princess as well and public choice award winner. Recently she entered a competition for being the face of jazzy events brand ambassador and managed to reach top 6.

She makes sure her schoolwork does not clash with her modelling gigs to balance her work. She would like to see herself as a very successful model, biochemist, netballer and athlete.

“in the next 5 years’ I would love to see myself as a Biochemist and a successful woman who would form part of the group that will alleviate poverty and reduce the rate of unemployment in South Africa.” Said Gladys.

Her biggest dream for south Africa is to see the rate of unemployment reduced as this will also reduce the crime rates in the country. She would also like to see south Africa having a lot of campaigns that helps deal with depressions, gender-based violence, rape and bullying.

“I promise that one day I will be successful and also help others to become successful.”Gladys Concluded.

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SurpriseMogononi is a 16-year-old from Ga-Matshwi in Limpopo Province. She started primary school at Thlabeleni and is currently studying at Makope high school. She started entrepreneurship in 2019, by then she had a clothing which failed dismally so then around March 2021 she established Brilliancy Apparell clothing brand which is currently doing pretty well.

“As they say, the customers are always right, I make it a point that I listen to my customers and also take their advice, I mean, after all, its their support that make my business to grow.” Said Surprise.

Their design makes their clothing brand to be very unique, they design their clothes in such a way that suits everyone and make them feel comfortable. Brilliancy Apparell caters everybody type, shape and size.

In the next 5 years she wants to see herself opening stores for her brand all over the continent. She also wants to create job opportunities with the aim of reducing the rate of unemployment. She would be very happy to see fellow South Africans supporting black owned businesses.

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Corona-virus SA updates and tips to protect yourself!

  • Tests conducted: 13, 298,239
  • Positive cases Identified: 2, 019, 826
  • Recoveries: 1773, 930
  • Deaths: 61,332
  • Vaccines Administered: 3, 292, 671
  • 59% new cases were recorded on Thursday in Gauteng province
  • 382 new deaths have been recorded
  • 21 584 new laboratory-comfirmed covid-19 infections on Thursday.

Protect yourself

  • Wear a mask.
  • mantain social distancing.
  • In your home: Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Outside your home: maintain social distance

Remember that some people without symptoms can spread the virus.

  • Stay at least 6 feet( about 2 arm lengths from other people)
  • Keeping distance from others is very important for people who are at higher risk of getting very sick.
  • Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces
  • Avoid indoor spaces that do not offer fresh air from the outside as much as possible
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water and sanitizers.

It’s very crucial to wash:

  • Before eating or preparing food
  • Before touching your face
  • After using the restroom
  • After leaving a public place
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • After handling your mask
  • After changing a diaper
  • After caring for someone who is sick
  • After touching animals or pet

If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow
  • If you are wearing a mask: you can cough or sneeze into mask, put on a new, clean mask as soon as possible and wash your hands
  • If you are not wearing a mask: always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or use the inside of your elbow and do not spit
  • Throw used tissues in the trash can
  • Clean and disinfect: clean high touch surfaces daily
  • Monitor your health daily: be alert for symptoms, watch out for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of covid-19
  • Take your temperature if symptoms develop

For more infor visit CDC website www.cdc.gv

Centers for Disease

Control and prevention

Published by Phillimon Sefake

Edited by Katlego Makhwiting

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