Beatbot to Make Waves at CES 2024 by Unveiling World's First All-in-One Intelligent Pool Cleaning Robot

Jan 11, 2024 - 01:40
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Beatbot to Make Waves at CES 2024 by Unveiling World's First All-in-One Intelligent Pool Cleaning Robot
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With significant advances in efficiency, performance and power, Beatbot AquaSense Pro is truly, "The One Pool Robot to Rule Them All".

LAS VEGAS, , 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Beatbot, a trailblazing technology brand in the global pool robotics industry, is set to make a splash at CES 2024 with the introduction of the groundbreaking Beatbot AquaSense Pro, an all-in-one robot vacuum that redefines smart pool cleaning. The Beatbot AquaSense Pro, along with its standard version, Beatbot AquaSense, will be unveiled at CES 2024 and is available for pre-order at

 official website.

"Home-cleaning robots have evolved rapidly in a few short years to meet consumer demand, but pool robotics have lagged behind, as they have struggled with performance issues, limited coverage, and outdated features like power cords and wires. All of this changes with Beatbot AquaSense Pro, which is the first to bring advanced intelligence, AI and a series of modern improvements to make pool ownership so much easier," said Siler Wang, CEO and Founder of Beatbot.

Many robot pool cleaners today suffer from poor efficiency or lack of performance. They are inefficient due to lack of navigation logic and cleaning path, get stuck on walls or obstacles, and have incomplete coverage from missed areas, low coverage and go back to the same places to clean. They lack performance in that they have poor suction, difficulty handling specific debris, make the pool even cloudier after cleaning, or cannot properly climb the walls and fall periodically. Surface cleaning is challenging for pool owners as almost 100% of debris initially falls into the pool through the surface and up until now, no other pool robots are designed to clean both the surface and other pool areas.

Beatbot AquaSense Pro solves these issues by delivering:

The First Intelligent Pool Robot Featuring AI for Ultra-Efficient Cleaning

Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the first robot pool cleaner with true decision thinking, featuring AI. Serving as the eyes and ears of the device, the robot includes 20 smart sensors including dual gyroscopes and dual ultrasonic sensors to make the device the only pool robot that can "see" and "understand" its environment, informing the Beatbot OS and enabling adaptive navigation to accurate distance measurement, precise orientation and more. The powerful Beatbot OS - the robot's brain, is capable of making decisions based on changing conditions to create the best possible cleaning route for each pool. 

The map and path planning via software and sensors, allows it to avoid edges and obstacles and creates optimized routes to eliminate overlap and missed spots. This path optimization together with the industry first 5-in-1 cleaning provide 100% pool coverage. It covers every inch of the pool, from floor and walls to waterline, water surface and even water clarification. Its industry-first ClearWater™ clarifier dispenser also adapts the dosage of cleaning agents by size of pool to provide unmatched clarity.

Unrivaled Power and Versatility 

Featuring 9 motors, 4 brushes and 2 filters, Beatbot AquaSense Pro is truly powerful. The Industry-First NonaDrive™ 9 Motor System pairs with two sets of brushes at the front and back to double the performance and can operate at different speeds to improve precision control. There are two filters, with ultra-fine filtration up to 150 µm to capture debris of all sizes, and along with the patented AquaGlide™ Simulated Flight Propulsion System and a top suction port, Beatbot AquaSense Pro can move along the pool surface to capture debris before it sinks. All supported by a large 10,000 mAh lithium battery for up to 9.5 hours of running time.

Fully Cordless and Highly Convenient

Beatbot AquaSense Pro not only cuts the cord from legacy pool cleaning devices to be free to go anywhere and eliminate the issues with tangles and power outlet concerns, it adds significant intelligence into the OS to make life easy for users. It allows users to visualize their pool's layout and cleaning path through the intuitive app. In addition, for user convenience, it has multiple cleaning modes to pick from, including quick, standard, pro and ECO, with an additional custom mode to be added through over the air updates to come. As the Beatbot AquaSense Pro has a memory, unlike other pool cleaners, when it finishes the job, it conveniently docks at the surface, back where it started, with a submarine-inspired automatic water release, making retrieval lighter and easier for users.

Certified Quality and Reliability

The Beatbot AquaSense Pro has been through stringent testing to minimize the types of breakdowns and hardware issues other products often suffer. Along with IP68 waterproof protection, it has a comprehensive list of industry-leading certifications and a two year warranty for peace of mind. The Beatbot OS will continue to receive over the air (OTA) updates to support and increase functionality as part of the company's commitment to product dependability and continued innovation.

Beatbot invites CES 2024 attendees to witness the future of pool cleaning technology at CES Booth 9077, North Hall LVCC. Discover how the Beatbot AquaSense Pro is set to revolutionize the way we maintain our pools, making crystal-clear water more accessible than ever before.

Price and Availability

Beatbot AquaSense Pro will be available at $2199, and Beatbot AquaSense will be available at $1299. Special pre-order pricing opens now for the US with up to $500 off with deposit. For more information about Beatbot, please visit

About Beatbot

Redefine Smart Pool Care. Beatbot is a technology brand dedicated to the global robotization of swimming pool environments. Founded by industry experts with over 10 years of experience in leading home robotics companies, the company is growing rapidly, with offices in multiple countries and a strong team of over 80 R&D members. Pioneering core technologies like brushless water pumps, AUV spatial locomotion, sonar laser SLAM, and space mapping navigation algorithms, Beatbot has secured numerous patents and pioneered industry-first innovations. Currently, we hold over 132 patents (granted and under application), including 50 patents for inventions. The brand aims to lead the world in smart, all-in-one pool care robotics inheriting the legacy of top-tier home robotics companies, and is driven by a commitment to product excellence. Beatbot's mission is to redefine pool care, address industry challenges, enhance performance, and deliver hassle-free pool care experiences.

For media inquiries, please contact Beatbot at

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Featuring 9 motors, 4 brushes and 2 filters, AquaSense Pro is truly powerful. The Industry-First NonaDrive™ 9 Motor System pairs with two sets of brushes at the front and back to double the performance and can operate at different speeds to improve precision control.


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