Bishop Freddy Malodi's calling has caused the Indermark community to rise up against him

Dec 4, 2023 - 08:37
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Bishop Freddy Malodi's calling has caused the Indermark community to rise up against him
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The leader of Bakgethilweng Ke Morena Apostolic Church in Indermark mr Freddy Malodi is being humiliated and attacked by the residents of Indermark on a daily basis because of the church he founded at the behest of his father and God, they are accusing him of kidnapping children at his place.

 There were rumors in the background that mr Malodi wanted to take away someone's choir as he said at the beginning.  He left the choir because they removed him from the group.  He was forced to form another choir Bana Ba Kgotso Gospel  and it also had issues that he was scammering members of the choir.
 " Because when I sing I am given money in my hand, in the choir we have agreed as executive that the money that is thrown down belongs to the choir, the money that comes in my hands is mine. " Freddy said

They slander Freddy accusing him for scammering the choir, saying he is doing a scam, while he is working with his own hands.  Freddy does sofas, car trimming, carpentry, the biggest problem started when Freddy started doing the church mainly in order to revive the church which his father before he died asked him to revive it for him, because if the church  is not formed according to his father's wishes, he will encounter many problems.  Nothing will go well, Freddy's things really didn't go well until he founded Bakgethilweng Ke Morena Apostolic Church (Elected by the Lord Apostolic Church) according to his father's orders.

 After forming the church all Freddy's things are going well, and the church its registered, it has all the things to show that it is a church, since the church was formed the whole community of Indermark has risen against bishop Malodi, they speak against him  unfortunately, because the church heals many children , many children come to the church  sick but walk away healed. And the church delivers the children from the evil spirit.


 This church is apostolic and plays psalms like other churches.  And the church wears ropes like other churches, it is not the first church to wear ropes.  Since the beginning of this church one can see that God's present is in it.  There is also evidence that this church really has God in it, Freddy lives at home, he doesn't bother anyone else, but he feels insecure.

 "Because when I create a choir people fight me, when I make sofas people get sick with me, today it's a church people still fight me.
 What can I do because people are trying hard to get rid of me, some are pointing fingers at me, and I don't remember asking anyone for money  and donations are not given in the church, all things are free here.  Some say that the children of this church are urinating blood and hair on purpose to degrades the church, if you ask the children of the church about those allegations they know nothing about them, because what we are doing in this church, is to serve these children with tea, as it is kept in all the churches so that the children could get tea so that they could live and not get sick." Freddy said

 It is said that Bakgethilweng Ke Morena Apostolic Church gives children ashes to drink, they say the pastor is fake, they don't know that this church is chosen by God, it is designed because Indermark are messed up, but they try to make life difficult for Mr Malodi because of  his calling.

 The Indermark community is happy when children go to tarvens, they are happy when children smoke nyaopes and drugs, they don't want to see children going to churches to serve the Lord.  Why is the community of Indermark against the churches, and leave the tarvens to ruin the children future, there are some priests who sell drugs in the village but people kept quite about this, they sell drugs inside the churches, they are known  in Indermark but people are silent and do nothing.

 Because Freddy Malodi founded the church they want to get rid of him, but many churches  are not registered, and they have ropes, and the pastors who sell drugs  fight against Freddy and defame him.  They say Freddy is taking their church members from them, no one is owning people, everyone has the right to church wherever they want .  One of the Indermark residents brought the community to the Freddy's house and tell the people that freddy said she is a witch. 

 Everyone knows that in Malodi's family there is a morning star church, faith mission apostolic church, but the one who founded that church is freddy's grandmother, freddy's father also had his own church.
 They want him to fail to carry out the calling his father gave him, they want to see Freddy  drinking beer struggling with his calling.

 " Please people get out of my back, and face those who are ruining the community, I am not spoiling with anyone, and no child came and forced  to carry the ropes, I have all the witnesses. The parents of the children  come to the church and ask me please help our children, pray for them and they are healed, without using many things, this church is different from other churches, the children are all satisfied. I have other companies like house of decor furniture, all this companies are registered.  " added Freddy
Freddy is the Chairperson and Director of Senwabarwana Online News, and is one of the founders of the Ditokelo Tsa Bana Foundation ( Dtbfoundation).  In order for the children to be safe and get a better education how can he destroy the children while helping them, Dtbfoundation was started by Freddy and others, and they are pointing fingers, they say how can he start it with nothing sitting inside RDP, he made a choir to get the kids out of the streets, indeed the kids are out of the streets but there are two or five people left behind who don't want to see him continue.
 Freddy is tired of being called names, this is the time to take action,to  conveyed to the law enforcement agencies, because people have taken Freddy for granted. Freddy is the C.E.O of Ditokelo Tsa Bana Foundation 
 Children end up at home with drugs sold by priests, your priests are the ones who are defaming freddy, because their works are dark while Freddy's is in the light.  They want to destroy the congregation for him, they don't want to see the children of Indermark have a good religious life. They want Freddy to get arrested for creating a church. 

 " In my house there was another church, with different instruments, they played and made a noise day and night, but when we played the psalms people fought us.
 My purpose in this world is to love Jesus, and to make known to my brothers and sisters the joy that is in the Lord.  Some of the people who come here are sent by some of the church leaders to go and see what Malodi  is doing so that we can throw him down, because he has a group of people , his choir has a community,  his church has a community, because their churches have no people, they bought people to defame the name of Malodi. Please people especially pastors let us  love each other and stop pointing fingers at each other, all this started after I excuse myself from attending a certain church, I saw that  the pastor was doing the wrong things, and that church is not one for me to live in, because I didn't like its practices.  But I didn't say I kept quiet, I went out without telling him now he want to break my church, they want to break up the Bakgethilweng Ke Morena Apostolic Church, the church belongs to God Himself, if people fight this church they fight  God because it is chosen.  " concluded Freddy

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