I am saddened to see young people indulging in alcohol, drugs, and marijuana: Kgapane Moenzi

Dec 17, 2023 - 12:08
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I am saddened to see young people indulging in alcohol, drugs, and marijuana: Kgapane Moenzi
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Moenzi, one of the young writers, says he is saddened to see young people indulging in alcohol, drugs and marijuana

Kgapane Moenzi was born on the 28th October 2004 at Mashishing ,Mpumalanga  Province. He is the son of  Kedibone Olivia kgapane and James Andries Mnisi. He have three siblings which is Tonny, Edith and Kefilwe Kgapane.

 He started his primary education at Makgalane Primary School and later went to Tšhabelang Dinoko Secondary school where he is currently completing grade 11. His writing career started in 2019 but he only got recognised in 2022 when he was featured in two Sepedi poetry anthologies and one English poetry titled ' Kgalemo ' , ' Dienywa tša bophelo ' and ' Broken Pieces ' . Kgalemo got selected at the National Library. 

Kgapane published his own book titled, "The Betrayal Friends", drama/play this year. He tried shooting the film and featured Tebatšo Mokoena and Dikeledi Shai from Diep City but unfortunately things didn't go the way he was expected due to lack of funds. His mission was to submit The Betrayal Friends drama on Mnet,  Mzansi Bioskop. 

He took position one in short story competition at Leswika publishers and they gave him a prize and certificate. 

" Writing it is empowering me ,it is giving me knowledge on how I can fight my battles .it sharpen my mind also, when I am writing I feel relieved and stress free and also I use my writing talent to fight what it is killing me inside to express my feelings or emotions," Moenzi said. 

He did a research about the generation of today and he realized that these youth isn't using the opportunities that they were given by the government ,they are only ruining it. The are given a freedom ,an opportunity to go to school so that they become educated but they are not using the opportunities as instructed by the government. They keep smoking drugs ,drinking alcohol which is destroying their lives. So he  thought he might be their light since they are in a shadow place , they might learn few things from his books and he have noticed that today's generation they are no longer  reading books so that is why he was trying to shoot, "The Betrayal Friends," feature film so they will able to watch it on Mzansi Bioskop and learn something from it since it is very educational. He write poetry, short stories and Drama/Play . He is also a scriptwriter. 

" The only thing  that I know about myself is that when l can come up with a title I just flow like an ocean ,I find it easier to finish what I have already started. Normally I do my work in the middle of the night because it is peaceful. It would be the greatest achievement of my life to see myself collaborating with people like Malope Mathete,JRL Rafapa and S.M Mothapo, " concluded Moenzi. 

The Author is struggling financially,  so he is looking for funds and support so that he can achieve his dreams and create jobs opportunities because he want to become a filmmaker. 

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