Koketso Mpumelelo Moalamedi wants to change the world through poetry

Dec 13, 2023 - 09:42
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Koketso Mpumelelo Moalamedi wants to change the world through poetry
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Koketso Mpumelelo Moalamedi is a 20-year-old from Pretoria Soshanguve, she's a writer, poet, founder, Community activist, Event organizer, and also a supporter of many community projects / Empowerment. Koketso believes that to achieve more in life you must be yourself and don't compete with anyone.

" Be you especially when comes to writing and performing. You can't become another person, you cannot do exactly as another person does. So you need to know what your weaknesses & strengths basically for you to tackle the right spot because as poets/poets we write in different ways. The problem starts when you want to become like someone. " Koketso said

Mpumelelo has partnered with a lot of different people to improve her poetry and performance. She believes in collaboration because collaboration is the key to success.

And the most important is she always reminds herself why she started this journey of poetry. And her vision and mission keep her moving, to become the person she wants to be.

" My role model is Botlhale Boikanyo, the one known as Omphile in the scandal. She has confidence and knows how to Express what she says with her emotions. She speaks the language of poetry, she knows exactly what poetry is. When I was young I saw her on South African Got Talent, and I remember telling my mother that if she could do this on the screen and in front of many people it won't be impossible for me. Ever from that day, I exposed myself to many competitions and my love for poetry started to grow every single day, that's when people knew that I was capable and I could do this. I stopped hiding from the talent that God gave me and people started to call me to come and perform at their events. " Concluded Kokie

She describes herself as a hard worker, Fighter, and survivor.

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