Manufacturing Company in Limpopo Giving hope to fight hygiene poverty and unemployment.

Jan 15, 2024 - 12:03
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Manufacturing Company in Limpopo Giving hope to fight hygiene poverty and unemployment.
Image Credit : Triple Shine Foundation

DENDRON, Jan. 15, 2024, South Africa---Triple Shine Foundation is a local company based in Dendron, situated south of Senwabarwana in Limpopo province. The foundation was established to fight poverty through job creation.  

Triple Shine collaborates with its global and local partners to run an environmentally sustainable global hygiene and WASH program that works with local and global soap manufacturers as an environmental sustainability and circular economy partner.

They source scrap raw material from partner soap manufacturing production sites and process it in Limpopo province, where they have employed and trained rural women and youth to recycle and reprocess soap.

Triple Shine Foundation sells its products both locally and internationally to NGOs, schools, and hospitals. They also have a policy of donating up to 20% of their products to local charity programs. In addition, Triple Shine Foundation makes its soap available to NGOs for hygiene packs, sanitary pads packs, food packs, and handwashing soap at an affordable, small, sustainable fee that helps them fund their operations. They distribute their soap bars with either no packaging or biodegradable wrapping. Triple Shine Foundation also visits schools, ECD centers, and rural communities to teach hygiene practices and provide soap donations with donor support.

In summary, Triple Shine Foundation is helping to save lives through hygiene practices and creating circular economy jobs for women, one soap bar at a time.

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