Meet N-eazy AKA NeazyRick a young musician taking over Tembisa

Aug 2, 2023 - 11:29
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Meet N-eazy AKA NeazyRick a young musician taking over Tembisa

Editor: Mulamuleli Tshitangano 

 N-eazy AKA NeazyRick, is from Limpopo Province but currently reside in Gauteng province . He grew up in Tembisa and he love music as a whole. Back in the days he used to read other musicians lyrics on the drum magazine, it was something that got his eyes and interests into music.

" I couldn't sing like I didn't know how to sing, one day I was listening to my school mates at school doing rap battles to each other. Then I joined them so they named me N-eazy as they thought I was too good."  NeazyRick said 

He started doing his own music in 2009  lyrically, he recorded his first single (please don't forget me) produced by Dj Trust(Ramoshaba) in 2012 at Sekororo in Tzaneen. He inspired a lot of people, and mostly children from his village. He worked with immortal stunners(group), first class records and RockItPro production at Lenyenye. He was inspired by Lil Wayne, Eminem, Jay_z, 50cent, Pro kid, siya shezi, Maseven, F eazy, zola 7 as an upcoming artist.

" Writing music is part of my life, each song I write is based on aspects of life. It can be true or something happened, I don't just write without a direction. The aim is to deliver a strong message or guidence to the next person. My struggle my music, my happiness my sound, my story my rhythm. " NeazyRick Concluded

He want to see his music growing in the future and collaborating with Maleboo, Nasty C, stogyT, kendrich lama, j Cole, 25k, buster rhymes, burna boy and the game.
He want to open doors for the ones who are coming after him as well .

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