Meet Phuti Karabo Lehong a young author and a law student at University of South Africa

Jul 28, 2023 - 15:42
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Meet Phuti Karabo Lehong a young author and a law student at University of South Africa

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PK Lehong(  Phuti Karabo Lehong)  known  as Myra wood was born on the 23th June 2003 at Goadmain ( Makaepea) village. A small village  in Senwabarwana at Limpopo Province. She's a law student  at University of South Africa and she's the first child of Ngwako Coslina Lehong and the late Kgaugelo Bethuel Lehong( may his soul continue  resting in eternal peace). She have three siblings and she love them a lot because they are her biggest  supporters  along with their mom. 

" And shout out to mom she always encourage me to believe in the beauty of my dreams. I am a writer and a publisher  who is passionate  about storytelling. I write poems , novels, movie scripts and short stories. I write under the genre of fiction, fantasy, adventure, paranormal and action. I love creating worlds and characters  that readers can escape into and connect with. I draw inspiration  from my own experience, the people I know and the books I read. I hope to one day publish  a book that people will love and cherish  for years to come and hope to one day became the bestselling author. " Said PK Lehong

 She wants her books to be on the New York Times bestselling  list and to see them adapt into films or Tv shows. She is inspired by both local and international  authors. In local she is inspired by M A  Motimele, K O Matsepe and S J Chokoe and in international she is inspired by Anna Todd, J K Rollings and William Shakespeare ( may his soul rest in peace).

" I am proud  of my latest novel which is about a boy who discovers that he is a half human and half demon  and decided to choose the right path which is light and proves that goodness will always win against  darkness."  PK added 

Her love for books and reading is what made her want to pursue a career in publishing. She began to write at the age of 10 and since then she always loved the power of good stories. She have also been interested  in the process  of  creating and publishing books. She thinks it is amazing that book can be a source of entertainment, education  and inspiration.

She describe her experience  working with authors  as inspiring, rewarding  and collaborative.  She love working with authors to bring books to life. And she find it incredibly  rewarding  to see a book go from  an idea to a finished  product.  She think it's important  to maintain a collaboration  relationship  with authors and to make sure that their vision from the books is respected.  She have had the opportunity to work with wide range of authors  from first time writers to established  authors.  Every author is different  and every project is unique.  Authors have different  perspectives  but she find the process  of bringing  a book to life to be incredibly  exciting  and fulfilling

 " I would say that I like to have a mix to both  independent  and collaborative work. I enjoy  the independence of working  on my own project and also appreciate  the creative  energy  that comes from working with others.  I think it is important  to have a balance of both as they bring different  benefit  to the table  independent  work can be freeing and creative while collaborating work can be inspiring and engaging. In the next five years  I see myself  as a publisher, author with a growing body of work, being the bestseller  in the industry  and hope to have multiple books published  and to be recognised as a talented  and respected author. I would also hope  to continue working in the publishing industry perhaps as an editor or an agent.  I want to continue  to be part if the process of bringing books to life and help other authors  reach their goals. " Concluded PK

 She get her ideas from a variety of sources.  Sometimes idea comes from something  she read sometime  it it just pop into her head put of nowhere.  She think it's  important  to always be open to new ideas and to be curious  about the world around. The more she observe and experience  the more ideas she have for her stories

 Her writing process topically involved a few different stages.  Firstly she start with brainstorming  and coming up with ideas , once she have an idea she start to do some research about the topic.  Next she create an outline  for her story and start to flash out the details.  Then she start to write her first draft which is very rough after that she revise the draft until she's happy with it.
 Finally  she work with an editor  to polish the draft and make sure it's ready for publication

" If I could give advice  to writers it would be to write everyday even if it's just for a few minutes.  The more you write the more you will improve your craft . It's also important  to read widely and be inspired  by the work of other authors. Another piece of  advice is to never give up or be discouraged on your writing dreams, no matter how many rejections  you receive.  Keep learning, keep practising and improve.  Most importantly  enjoy the process but do not give up until you reach for the stars do not give up because you are the hero of your own storeroom. " She said

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