Meet Young Gifted and Blessed Bana Ba Kgotso Gospel Choir from Indermark village outside Senwabarwana 

Aug 29, 2023 - 14:56
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Meet Young Gifted and Blessed Bana Ba Kgotso Gospel Choir from Indermark village outside Senwabarwana 

Editor: Mulamuleli Tshitangano 

Freddy Malodi is the leader of Bana ba Kgotso Gospel Choir lives in Indermark village and is famous for singing choirs and his spare time he sews couches and does a lot of upholstery work. Mr Malodi knows a variety of music but he prefers choir music to many things he does. He says  Bana ba Kgotso gospel choir started after the choir he was leading had a dispute and then the group fell and he, Matome, Walter and the others formed another group. Because the choir Chairman felt like Freddie wanted to take his choir away from him the way things were going. Because Malodi's family was already involved in the choir for support and they started sponsoring it, so he thought Freddy wanted to take it from him, but it wasn't.

 That's where  Bana ba Kgotso gospel choir started after those conflicts.  Most of the singers in the group are from the Jubilent gospel choir. The problem started when the chairman of the Jubilent gospel choir remove Mr Malodi from the WhatsApp group chat without informing him.  Freddie says that it was very difficult to start another group from scratch, if you are impatient you may end up refusing to lead the choir, but his team encourage him to continue.  Like Matome Mashabathakga and Walter Senyolo, they were the one who supported him until the choir continued and other singers supported the group.  This group started with eight people it seems like a small thing but today they can see the way as a group and where it is going.

 " What I can tell the kids I sing with is, patience brings success, without patience you can't get good things. In this choir what I can tell especially young people is that in this group we welcome everyone, we don't choose anyone according to status, everyone is allowed in this music group. Our goal is to teach youth good manners. "It's a mess at home, children don't respect parents, they disrespect their parents because of alcohol, alcohol changes the minds and moods of many children, they end up losing their minds and future because of these drugs and alcohol ." said Freddy

 " In my opinion I feel I have a vision of good things for our choir that we started. This choir in my opinion I wish it could grow bigger than it is now, bigger than we think  This choir is protecting so many young people from the wrong things, and I wish they would grow up with it so they can continue with this choir. Because nowadays there are no jobs . And I hope in the future this choir will create jobs some of the singers will be able to get a job in this choir."  said Matome Mashabathakga

 Matome was a singer from Jubilent gospel choir as Mr Malodi said where the confusion started , he and Walter supported mr Malodi a lot.  Because the collapse of Jubilent gospel choir has left them very sad but they and Mr Malodi have managed to get up again.  They really have a vision because if they leave the choir they will spread on the streets doing nothing .

 " We sat down with Malodi and came up with the idea of ​​starting a new choir because the first one fell under its leader. Then we opened a new choir and today we continue to invite youth  to join the group and we see new faces every week. These people are not just come, they are sent by God Himself expecting them to be healed.  said Matome Mashabathakga

 " I feel so excited about this choir to be honest, I love this choir with all my heart, this choir kept me off the street and many things that I would have fallen into trouble at this point maybe imprisoned, but thanks to this choir I was able to survive the streets life and live with Mr Malodi and learn a lot from him.This choir started on 06 June 2023, we want to see us continue growing and see our music on dumisa tv, we want to see our songs fill the whole world and sold." said Walter Senyolo

 " I say the people of Indermark release the children to join the choir, because the choir and sports like football take children off the streets, in Indermark  children are no longer controlled you can't rebuked them , these days today it is difficult because if you rebuke a child he may hit you with an iron or a stone, because of the alcohol and drugs they smoke on the streets. It hurts because some are lured by their friends into alcohol. Please if you want to sing come and join us. This Choir is made for you. " Concluded Freddy 

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