Musina FM employee allegedly steals and misuses funds from the events team account

Nov 17, 2023 - 15:25
Nov 17, 2023 - 15:58
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Musina FM employee allegedly steals and misuses funds from the events team account
Image Credit : Musina FM

On monday 13 November 2023 the station manager Justice Langa noticed using the cellphone banking app that there was multiple transactions made , this did not make sence to him since he is the only one with the pin .He made an enquiry to a first individual and recived a puzzling answer .

On Wednesday he noticed that more transaction are being made including one at at a local spaza shop and now he was having a difficult time loging into the banking app . He called an emergancy meeting with team but only a second individual in question attended along side the head of the team Joe Maila .

When questioned , the second individual admitted to have been physically present when the first individual (who is belived to  being the master mind behind this scheme ) was making these transactions including a cash withdrawal .They claim to have asked the first individual if they received permission to do so and that the 2nd individual responded saying yes on multiple occasions. 

The following day the first individual was questioned over the phone and the responses was that they were purchasing things for the team , transport fair for an upcoming event and so on .Only for the rest if the team to confirm that they did not give out a joint decicion to give anyone permission to use a cent from that account. 

The first individual was reprimanded over the phone . The matter is still proceeding as the first individual has not appeared yet physical into the managers office since .

It is alleged that less that 15% of the initial amount amount is left in the account .

The station manager could not be reached for further comments. 

However this what the team leader Joe Maila said : Every organisation has issues and we as Musina intend to deal and get to the bottom of our issue in proper manner.

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