SlovoTheVocalist shares how his music career began

Jun 19, 2023 - 22:49
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SlovoTheVocalist shares how his music career began

Editor: Mulamuleli Tshitangano 

Moropo Karabo Prince is a 22-Years-old he was born on 12 November 2001 at Blourberg Hospital, he Grew up at Stocking but now reside at Lesfontein[Sekhung]. 

SlovoTheVocalist, he's an Artist. The name was given by his friend Kenny, because they were playing football together and he was good at it. That's why he gave him the name,“Slovo” then he just put “The Vocalist” when he started to be in music industry. 

" I just started to be in love with music, and King Monada inspired me a lot.
In 2017, when I was 16 years old. I met a lot of people,different people who were in the music industry for a long time, actually I met different producers and different artists and I learned some other things from them and we even made a group of six people, and we named the group “GRAPE SEASON MUSIC ”. Slovo said

He just wanna see himself building a big studio,helping other upcoming artists, working with top artists & producers like, Makhadzi, Master Kg, King Monada, Malome Vector, Mkoma Saan, MrSix21 DJ Dance and Macke Eaze and others.

" I didn't grow up very well,my background was bad but I pushed, and I stayed strong. People thought it was just a joke, performing on wedding/ceremonies, they didn't watch us performing, but we did everything to show them what we are good at but they didn't care." Slovo added

Slovo released a song called ,“Bophelo Ke Baka Featuring DJ Ravaza”,that was the best song he did, people loved it so much and he was happy.
" What I can say to you guys is that,NEVER GIVE UP!GREAT THINGS TAKE TIME! So far I would like to thank everyone who supported me since I started to be in the music industry.The journey is not that easy,but with your support guys, I can make it, and I can go far and I will help those who need help. Thank you again guys for supporting me, may you guys do that until something come up. " He concluded 

He's currently working on a new track, featuring Budaza MusiQ. Name of the song is “Kenna Bopapae” produced by PRiMO ZA. This time around he want to see himself shooting music videos, submitting them on TV.

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