The contract selected by Water affairs in Indermark village to fix water pipes is incomplete

Oct 7, 2023 - 00:26
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The contract selected by Water affairs in Indermark village to fix water pipes is incomplete

 The main reason Indermark residents lack water is that the Councilor allows Water affairs to hire companies with no experience in making water.  According to the report given the water project has no PPE, its employees have been given Epwp uniforms to work with.  Why don't they use the money they were given to buy employees ppe with their company name written on it. 

 This is the reason why the residents are without water because the water projects do not know their jobs and they are incomplete.
 How did they choose incomplete company to help the community with water. This really shows that these companies are coming only to mine diamonds and leave the water projects unfinished. If the Municipality don't fix this problem the residents will always cry for water forever. 

Residents are complaining that their councilor is allowing these partial companies to provide water services to residents. For example, Where did you see shoprite employees working with boxer uniforms.  And what does Blouberg municipality say about the issue of Lehlotha construction workers wearing Epwp uniforms. It is clear that the company came to enrich themselves. 

This shows that there is corruption in water projects by bringing worthless constructions to the residents.  What kind of company is this without ppe. How did it get the tender? 

Municipal/local government: Municipal or local governments may be responsible for providing clean drinking water to residents, managing wastewater treatment facilities, and addressing water-related emergencies in their communities.

" Residents want to know where is the money for PPE?  People are still asking themselves questions why they are still voting for ANC while it's doing corruption. People still don't if this people are working for Epwp or Lehlotha Construction. They must give the contract to Epwp."

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