Workers at the Lm Boerdery farm in Vivo line work from 4am to 11pm

Nov 15, 2023 - 23:23
Nov 17, 2023 - 19:25
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Workers at the Lm Boerdery farm in Vivo line work from 4am to 11pm
Image Credit : Senwabarwana Online News

Workers at Lm Boedery farm at Vivo village farms just outside Senwabarwana  they are deeply saddened by the rough treatment by their farmer.  According to one of the workers on the farm, they work hard but are not paid for their long hours.

 In short they are really belittled by the farmer for overworking them because they are so poor.  They work from 05:00 am to 23:00 midnight.  They say  working is not a problem but they have to be paid.  Their overtime for the whole week is R100. Some of them have been kicked out without paying for their hard working. 

The issue of farm worker harassment is so painful in South Africa that white farmers exploit our fellow citizens without paying them.  The matter was intervened by the ccma, labor and cosatu. The meetings were held at Indermark Community Hall, but there has been no change the situation continues to get worse.

The workers joined the Union in September last year, and the work ended in February this year.  After the workers kicked out from work their union left them stranded.  At this point there are three workers left on the farm.  Twenty-one workers on the farm were send out at 9pm in the field.

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