Young poet making waves with new ambition

Sep 4, 2023 - 06:40
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Young poet making waves with new ambition
Pic: Senwabarwana Online News

Tebogo Morudu from GA Rammutla B, Tervishen in Limpopo uses her pen through poetry to showcase her talent and purpose in life.

The  18-year-old young poet started to love the poetry in primary school.

The Grade 11 learner at Tema high School  used to write about something that used to bother him and also about things that are happening in South Africa, like challenges of teenage pregnancy, Substance abuse and bullying of learners.

She was encouraged by her friend who is also a poet and teach her how to write
“working with other poets its soo interesting course because they share different opinions about writing skills.” Said Tebogo

Morudu is wishing to study courses related to writing when completing her matric, and get also a publisher.

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