Get rid of the ANC and save SA

Oct 27, 2023 - 12:49
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Get rid of the ANC and save SA
Image: Citizen Of Mzansi

Old people especially in rural areas and even some youth they still consider the ANC as their savior, they are like  really anointed with toxins and poison that comes from those old madalas and gogos especially during election time. So I think we must also encourage our parents and grannies that the ANC is indeed taking us to the dungeon, if we can still vote for it by the next national elections. People should reject the ANC throughout their campaigns for 2024 otherwise with the ANC being in power in 2024 that will be the end of once beautiful country until some old claws grips on it like a lion on top of a buffalo. 

Look at South Africa today it is full of foreigners who sell rotten food items because of the ANC government.  Some of them do not have valid documents to enter the country.  The ANC government is watching and doing nothing

Tebogo Komane

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