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ITHUBA, the proud operator of the National Lottery, is urgently reaching out to the holder of the winning ticket for the LOTTO PLUS 1 jackpot worth an astonishing R32,785,982.10 in draw 2360, which occurred on August 16, 2023.

The winning ticket was purchased with a wager amount of R40 and was bought at a retail store in Stellenbosch. While the news of this life-changing win has thrilled many, the winner remains unknown. Winning tickets are valid 365 days from the draw date; however, we encourage our winner to act swiftly to begin enjoying their newfound wealth and fulfilling their dreams. 

In a double celebration of National Lottery luck, the Western Cape also celebrates another jackpot win. In the latest LOTTO DRAW 2369 on Saturday, September 16, 2023, another lucky player is yet to claim a staggering R16,565,209.00 jackpot.

"Check your tickets because dreams do come true! We are waiting to celebrate these incredible jackpot winners," urged Charmaine Mabuza, CEO of ITHUBA. "At ITHUBA, we're committed to creating opportunities that change lives; these wins are a prime example of that commitment. If you have the winning ticket, please come forward to claim your prize."

How to Claim Your Winnings:
If you possess the winning ticket for the R32,785,982.10 LOTTO PLUS 1 jackpot from draw 2360, or if you are the lucky winner of the R16,565,209.00 jackpot from LOTTO DRAW 2369 on September 16, 2023, here's what you need to know to claim your prizes:

Validate Your Ticket: Ensure you have the winning ticket for the respective draw. Double-check the numbers against the official draw results, available on the National Lottery website and at authorised retailers.

Visit the ITHUBA regional office: To claim your prize, promptly visit one of the regional ITHUBA offices.  To locate the nearest office, visit the National Lottery website or contact the National Lottery helpline.

Complete the Claim Form: Fill out the form at the prize claim centre. Make sure to bring a valid South African ID or passport for verification and also three months bank statement. 

Receive Your Winnings: Once your claim is verified and processed, you will receive your prize money according to your preference – either as a direct bank transfer or by check.

All winners over R50,000 are entitled to free financial and trauma counselling services to help manage the life-changing experience of a significant win, providing support during this exciting but sometimes overwhelming time.

All winnings are tax-free.

Players must be 18 years and older.
ITHUBA is the proud operator of the National Lottery.

Source :  Litha Communication 

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