Introducing Ditokelo tsa Bana Foundation. 

Oct 10, 2023 - 08:02
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Introducing Ditokelo tsa Bana Foundation. 

Dtb Foundation is a community of Learners and Educators. We welcome primary and secondary schools to participate . From Tomorrow we will be visiting schools to register learners and teachers on our platform to make teachings easier, teachers will be able to communicate with their students 24/7 on our website 

Website is datafree

It's time to invest in our education system 

There will be learners competition event where an individual or a team compete for a prize, where skill is the main predictor of the winner. There can be a competition between students or teams of students within a classroom or across different schools and across geographical regions.
Different types of student competitions Dtb is offering :

    1. Case study – This competition revolves around solving a real or imaginary case given to the competitors. The goal is to find a solution using the information provided in the case.
2. Business Plan – A competition for which a business plan needs to be written for either an existing or fictional business. Most entrepreneurship competitions will be of this form.
3. Design Competition – A Student Design Competition can be technical or purely aesthetic. The objective of technical competitions is to introduce students to real-world engineering situations and to teach students project-management and fabrication techniques used in industry. Aesthetic competitions usually require art and design skills.
4. Simulation – Students compete either online or via software simulating an environment in which decisions need to be made. These decisions and the outcomes are monitored to decide on the winner. Sometimes the whole event is online, and no physical location is given.
Ideation – A competition where ideas for different concepts are the main deliverables. The ideas may or may not be executed at a later time. Many competitions in which a semi-structured body of text needs to be delivered are considered in this category.
5. Essay – Writing an essay (a short piece of writing) about a topic. Topics can vary and can be mandated or left to the writers’ discretion. The main deliverable is a body of text that is written in a specific form.
There are many student competitions running across the globe. Often, these competitions consist of students first competing with other students in their classrooms. The winners go on to regional competitions and finally on to national competitions.

For more information contact Freddy Malodi at +27 63 065 4333

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