Learners at Maphutha secondary school in Indermark village in Limpopo province  are tired of using one computer and paying R100 to use toilets

Sep 8, 2023 - 17:56
Sep 9, 2023 - 11:09
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Learners at Maphutha secondary school in Indermark village in Limpopo province  are tired of using one computer and paying R100 to use toilets
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Students at this school use the same computer throughout the school.  All five grades, grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, all use the same computer.  According to the report, students are taken in five by five from the class to computer room every week. Some learners find it very difficult to do school research because there are no resources.  These students wonder why the government does not give them tablets like primary students.
 " Maphutha has sponsors but all the school learners use the same computer.  What does the school budget work for?  Our parents went to this school, our brothers and sisters went to this school , and we go to this school too, but there are no changes, the doors are still the same, the gate are still the same, even the classroms are still the same, our desks are old, no change at all, " said Maphutha Learner

 Students are in a blazing furnace at this school because their desks have holes, when they write exams and they use their hands to protect papers, desks are tearing up papers causing some students to make mistakes during exams.
 Maphutha children are forced to pay for using toilets, R100 per learner. 
 They are even forced to pay for typek, and students are not allowed to use their phones  to do school research, but they are not allowed to use the school computers, they only use one computer at limited hours. 

The teachers there don't know how to teach all they have to do is sit in offices and gossip about school children and their clothes.  They gossip about the children's parents and their situation at home. It is said, public school teachers take their children to private schools to get better education. Because they know the situation at public school, public school teachers are incompetent and lazy, that's the reason why they took their children away. Only children of the poor who did not afford to pay for private schools sufferers from this education system. 

 There is another teacher who teaches LO, we believe her children are at private schools receiving best education, since the beginning of the year she has not taught the children anything , the children fail LO but this educator does nothing to help them.  Last year the children failed geography because it was not taught to them. When there is a period for geography she teaches LO. During LO period she teaches geography and she teaches orally no notes are given .

 Now she doesn't teach anything, she just comes to school, eats and goes home.  She's not even suspended. " We're told that teachers don't teach, yes teachers don't teach, they're only a few teachers at Maphutha who are teaching us.  They are the ones who when he walks out of school he comes out covered with dust,"  said a learner. 

Maphutha school has sponsors why do school children have to pay for toilets.  Students also pay for stationary and books.  School is like old times when learners used to pay school fees.  Even poor learners who do not have money to buy uniforms are forced to buy them.  They forget that children do not come from the rich families. We hope some intervention will help to fix our school.


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