Malodi Brass Band is taking young people off the streets and teach them instrumental music 

Sep 8, 2023 - 16:45
Sep 8, 2023 - 19:33
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 Thabang Malodi the leader of the Malodi Brass band lives in Indermark village just outside Senwabarwana Limpopo Province. Malodi Brass Band is well known in Indermark and around Senwabarwana Township. This band take children out of the streets by teaching them instrumental music and good behaviors 

 " Malodi Brass Band is doing a good thing in our community, by taking more children off the streets, reducing drug abuse and helping children not to sit in Somalian spaza shops all day smoking cigarettes and dagga," said Thabang. 

The good thing about the kids playing in the Malodi brass band is, they don't spend their time at Somalian spaza shops, this brass band really keeps them very very busy.

 " I am asking the residents of Indermark especially parents to let their children come and play our brass band. Encourage them to join us and they will stop roaming around in the streets without knowing what they are doing. Most important thing is, this band is for the children. It will help them to have good manners and stop smoking marijuana at an early age, " concluded Thabang

 The group is asking for donations from the community, please donate uniforms, instruments, and other essentials things that children need to keep the group going. For donations call Thabang at+27 82 354 9682

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