Musina FM, a Local Community Radio Hosted an Event Called Musina Idols

Sep 20, 2023 - 07:19
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Pic: Musina FM 

For the very first time the local community radio Musina FM, hosted the event called Musina Idols . Surprisingly, Musina Idols became a successful event regardless of it's obstacles. 

The journey started with having auditions at Musina town and in Madimbo village .This event was motivated in discovering young fresh talent and giving those individuals a platform to express their gifts.  Irrespective of the name 'Musina Idols' , the auditions were open for anyone between the age of 16-35 free of charge . The competition was therefore for everyone  regardless of their nationality or races .

After the auditions and spear pocking elimination rounds, only 6 remained and made it to the grand finale on the 9th of September 2023 which was held at the new community hall at Ngwelemotse. 
This is  where  each performed infront of a live audience  attempting to impress the judges .

"A big congratulations to The top 6  : Trevor , Happiness, Nthabiseng  , Horacio , Rinae and  Nthuseni." 

Although 6 made it to the grand finale, the judges could only pick one winner . After her final performance, the song Phendula by Zahara, the judges decided on growing her as the winner of Musina Idols season one . (See the clip above as the crowning moment comnses) .

After the grand finale this is what the Musina Idols Director Joe Maila had to say . "I would like to start of by thanking the most high God for making this possible, I'm not the first to think about this kind of event , but by his grace God allowed it to happen under my supervision for the first time.Musina Idols is not just an event , it's a vision. 

 Honestly speaking, it has never been an easy road to be where we are today. That is why we thank all the support systems we got for the preparations of the grand finale.

We had multiple challanges that even affected our contestants and some were Even pusher to their limits  but to the top 6 , I'd like to appreciate each and every single one of them for persevering till the end , not everyone could do that , but they managed to do it .
 Though the judges decided on picking their winner , in my eyes and in my books everyone is a winner , especially the top 6 as a whole. 
" To me this was not just a competition, it was about creating a platform for these contestants to be spotted and uplifted, which I've already  seen when two of them were invited by other event organisers just because they saw the videos of them singing . We have achived our main goal which was to create a profile, and you would bet that there will be a season 2 in 2024 and it will be bigger and better." 

He would like to specially thank Musina FM , all four judges ( Mr Chuene, Gospel Joe, Khumbelo and Teekay ) 
They also  had three wonderful vocal coaches , Sandra Ndou , Ally Matidza and Minister Taliey. Two instrumentalist, Ndina Matidza and Mpho Nare. The sponsors : Phornesis, Mudix Royal Palace ,The Sibanda family ,Coca Cola Kedibone events specialist , PTnS stationary , Tshivase Optometrist, Rubza photography, Froggy Water park, Musina Mall, Gospel Joe Music, Neo patteries, Genesis MT Ushering agency, Red-cross, Baoabab photography, Wisdom printers, Zakes Hildas, Legends Harmony exit, Maphaha production  Purpose driven and  Mantombazana. 

"I am grateful to one person who believed and stood by me when this was just an idea till it manifested, My assistant / Event co-ordinator , I call him  King Brian. Infact, he was responsible for the entire beautiful set up and a lot more that I can't mention . I had more assistance  from Masana Mavhungu and Arochelle Chirwa through out , I'd like to thank them as well," Concluded Joe. 

To watch the audition videos follow the link below to the official Musina Idols Facebook group.

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