Poet Karamel takes pride in praising in her language

Oct 4, 2023 - 07:16
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Poet Karamel takes pride in praising in her language

Karabo Melidah is a 23-year-old from Mankweng Turfloop, she's currently working as a teacher assistant at Mountain View Senior Secondary. Karamel gets ideas for poetry from everyday life, personal encounters, and people's problems including everyday trends.

She's powerful, dedicated, and passionate and she sees herself as more a storyteller than a wordsmith because there is solace in her stories, you find healing and peace in what she brings out and her poems can heal, build, and can also break.

She participated in a lot of poetry slams as well as open mike and she won a  title at the Goddes of the Mic, Goddes of the Mic poetry slam and the Goddess of the Mic 2021, and the Poetry Africa open mic winner 2021,  and she host poetry sessions of which is the answer to participate in the poetry slams. Wherever she goes she leaves a mark, that's why she was invited to participate in the Blouberg Cultural extravaganza Heritage Day celebration. The current events influence the themes of her poems. she's the Karamel which is the combination of both her name Karabo Melita from Mankweng.

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