Playing music allows Tshepo to release his frustrations 

Nov 19, 2023 - 08:45
Nov 21, 2023 - 08:53
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Playing music allows Tshepo to release his frustrations 
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Tshepo Clement Mabitsela, known as LevBeatz was born in Limpopo, Senwabarwana ,Eldor­­ado Village. Clement is 16-years-old, and he  started releasing music in 2020 official releases started in 2023.

" Playing music is an amazing way to get your mind off things. It doesn’t hurt your health, it allows you to release your frustrations, it costs nothing, and you probably will gain a bunch of close musician friends while you do it, playing music is fun, " Said Clement. 

He believed that music is inspired from our deepest being, it's both expressive and transformative. As a young boy his musical journey began. A thing he love just knocked early.

" I have five creative processes :
Inspiration: can come from many sources such as other songs or personal experiences. Ideas: are then generated by either free-form brainstorming or structured songwriting techniques. 
Execution: involves recording and producing the music.
Mixing: involves adjusting the levels of each track and adding effects. 
Mastering: involves preparing the final mix for distribution.
The creative process also involves critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Other creative techniques include editing samples in creative ways, creatively using audio effects, and applying automation and modulation to control instruments and sound effects, " he added. 

He wish to collaborate with Mellow & Sleazy, those gents invent sounds in every track they take part. He was inspired by Officixl Rsa , he seize creative moments.

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