The number of children dropping out of school is increasing day by day in Indermark

Sep 17, 2023 - 06:08
Sep 17, 2023 - 10:03
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The number of children dropping out of school is increasing day by day in Indermark

Drug abuse is a problem in Indermark.  Many students have been lured by their friends and end up in drugs and marijuana. It is very sad to find young people sitting in Somalian spaza shops smoking dagga and cigarettes. Many of them have even dropped out of school and they no longer listening to their parents. Indermark has definitely changed.

 The number of children dropping out of school and smoking marijuana is increasing day by day.  Their only entertainment these days is to dance and drink alcohol the whole night. As a community of Indermark we are asking our councilor to stop donating only pads at our schools, but to bring in essential things to get children off the streets, such as a community youth centers with free wifi, computers and more  to educate our youth.

 Another reason why young people end up sitting in Somalian spaza shops is that there is nothing they can do because our community does not have services and resources to keep young people busy.

 But we thank Malodi Brass Band and Bana Ba Kgotso Gospel Choir for taking children out of the streets by teaching them religious music.  These groups really help the youth a lot, as a community we must support them to develop our village. And we also thanks Mr Malombo Rangata for doing a great job by developing our community in sports. 

 Young people need services to get them off the streets.  What we see happening in the village, is bringing in temporary jobs in a kind of yes, there is no forward planning . Indermark Community needs forward thinking leaders, our schools don't have resources, like computer labs and libraries, 400 kids use one computer then we expect them to pass at the end of the year. 

 Indermark has had various councilors but there is no progress. If you are not an ANC member you will never get a job or services. The community is surprised why we don't have free computers and free wifi in the village to help school children.  We not only need water, we also need youth centre's, youth to be counseled, guided so that they can succeed and rebuild their  community , we do not feel good to see our youth getting lost like this, roaming around in the streets calling them by names, when we are the one failing them. We ask the councilor to look into this matter in detail and help build the community especially the youth.
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