I am concern about how illiterate that some of our brothers and sisters who are parents can’t even help their children to write simple grammar school work even using our home languages.

Why is this?

Sad truth

  • People are lazy to seek for wisdom. Providing that grade 12 certificate is enough, therefore no need to do much of Literature
  • People conclude that it is teachers primarily responsibility to teach their Children. This is the opposite, teachers helps parents in nurturing children in their academic pursuits. Parents should be more responsible than teachers. In fact, children learn at ease from parents.
  • Low self-esteem. Because of our stands of living ( being labeled poor), people use poverty as their scapegoat to illiteracy. They think low of themselves and have zero passion to even open a book and read a story to their children.

Ancient Examples

Remember our grand parents? They used to read fables, teach us proverbs and idioms. This was to help us grow in knowledge. They were not much exposed to education like our generation and yet they made our mind even to this day to remember those memories.

What is it that you are teaching your children? Are you shoving away such role to society? Parents train up your, they are your reflection out there.

Some may read this and object. ” Sydwell we are not the same and you can’t tell us what to do.”

Of which I say, ” I am not telling anyone what to do, however; it is necessary for any parents to consider a little knowledge to mold his/her children in knowledge and wisdom regardless of age and wealth.

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